Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet in the Middle

October was a busy month! I think we missed 5 out of 6 weeks of church because we were out of town or I was running races so often. Glad things have calmed down a tad since then. Anyway, we were super grateful to some friends who let us crash their house while they were away in Abilene for ACU homecoming. My siblings and mom took advantage of their beautiful home and the location in Ft. Worth which made it an excellent meeting point - in the middle of all of us! 

It was fun to get together with everyone. We had some delicious meals, the kids loved jumping on the trampoline with Granny Rae, eating our favorite Dr. Pendergrass cupcakes and a fun time watching my sister do her latest talent - professional organizing. She organized our friend's pantry for them!  Does this make anyone else want to open up their home to us for next year's family reunion -haha, just kidding! 
Apparently, we didn't take any group pictures, except for my mom with the grandkids. 
However, I did try to do a birthday photo shoot with Tatum that pretty much failed miserably. She was super tired and apparently wasn't a big fan of cake (she must take after her father). 

She wouldn't dig into the cake and got really fussy and crawled away. Then she got even madder because she didn't like the feel of the grass on her bare legs! 

We tried to throw her in some bath water, but that was the final straw. 
Poor birthday girl!

Thanks to the Hejls for opening up their home to us. It totally beat cramming into a hotel room with 3 small kids for the weekend!! We are thankful for friends like you guys. And thankful for family that is willing to drive to spend time with us and our crazy kids. Love you all! 

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