Thursday, November 10, 2011


I took some pictures of Colt recently that I really like. This is Colt at age 4.

He loves our dog, who doesn't love the camera this particular day.

Someone else wanted in on the camera action too.

This is the dress Tatum wore to my brother's wedding this summer. We realized she didn't get any good pictures in it, so I took a few in our backyard for my mom (she bought the outfit - Thanks!)

First Day of Pre-school!! 

The boys are back at Noah's Ark this year. We love the kid's teachers, but I'll post more on them later. Levi even has the same teachers that Colt had when he was in the 2s class!
Showing their ages

Levi LOVED his first week of school (they go Tues/Thurs). But, after the first week, he has been throwing a fit at every drop off ever since. Colt also continues to resist drop off time but they both do well a few minutes after I leave. They both love the playground and Levi is usually really proud of his art projects. Colt enjoys show and tell and telling on the little boys in his class who get in trouble :/

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