Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Foods

My baby is growing up so fast! I can't believe it's already time for him to experiment with solid foods. His first food was mashed bananas with breastmilk. Not a big fan. He wouldn't even open his mouth for more! He just closed his lips together tightly.
And I thought maybe he'd like the sweetness of bananas.
Since we videoed Colt's first experience with food, I thought we should video Levi's 2nd time, since he's the 2nd child. Ok, so I just forgot to do it the first time. Anyhow... here it is.

In other food news...
Colt has finally taken a liking to VEGETABLES!!
Every mother's dream.
I was dicing tomatoes and gave him one like I'd done a million times before... but this time, he actually ate it, then ate all that were on Ty's salad and my cutting board. Tonight he devoured steamed carrots.

Maybe I should show a picture of ME smiling, because this is a day I've been praying about for a long time. But here's a picture of Colt loving the positive reinforcement we've been giving him, I mean, the delicious taste of VEGGIES.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I want YOU to look at my first day of preschool pictures.
This backpack sure is heavy!
Preschool has been fun so far! I was a trooper both days and hardly cried at all when my mom dropped me off. When she picked me up, I loved telling her about playing, the park, pizza, and going pee pee in the potty. I can't wait for more school!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been away for a while. Actually, I've still been here, but I've found a new hobby. It's called Sorority Life on Facebook. It is probably the dumbest game in the whole world, but I am obsessed with gaining power and advancing to higher levels and obviously growing the largest sorority! :) I never think I spend that much time playing, but eventually glance at the clock and realize that, yet again, I've spent my entire evening playing SL and failing to blog. However, thanks to a 3 day weekend where my husband watched the kids, I've filled up my sorority with sisters and have nothing more to achieve in this game for a while. Therefore, it is on with the blog show!
We've been busy lately, so hopefully I will have several entries forthcoming. This post will just be some random pictures off of my camera from the month of August. In August, Levi turned 5 months old and learned to crawl. Really. He gets all over the house on all fours. It's kinda nice that I don't have to carry him everywhere and that he can go where ever he desires (within reason) around the house. Sometimes he follows me, sometimes Colt, and frequently our dog, Molly, much to her dismay.
Look at these chubby chubby cheeks....

Oh yeah, and Levi finally learned to sit. After he learned to crawl. He occasionally still falls over and cries because it scares him. Or he'll sit when he's in his crib and doesn't want to fall over in order to lay down and sleep, so will scream. What a goober.

I've struggled to take pictures of Colt recently. He is potty trained, but I still let him run around with his pants off most of the time (at home, of course), just because it's way easier for him to do his business without having to pull on/off pants. He's not that good at it. Plus, he has aiming problems, so if he does wear shorts, they usually end up wet from his wild stream. Anyway, a pant-less Colt makes taking pictures kinda tricky.

Here is a rare picture of Colt smiling. I love it! He usually just doesn't want to smile at the camera and is more interested in trying to touch the lens.

Also, Colt chipped his tooth. Ty and I are huddle leaders at our church for the next FOUR YEARS, starting with this year's freshmen class. At our huddle luau, Colt fell down the cement stairs, busted his lip and chipped the tooth. Don't worry, he took it like a man.

Colt has been much better recently at playing with Levi. He will pick him up if Levi falls over and sometimes will share toys with him. He loves to run into Levi's room when he wakes up from a nap, climb in Levi's crib, and JUMP! Anyway, here are some pics of them playing together and a video where Colt is trying to get Levi to dance and clap.

We also have spent lots of time spending time with our friends. And what better to do this HOT summer but go swimming.
I guess that kinda summarizes our month of August. Like I said, we have much more going on in our lives right now that I will blog about in the weeks to come. Perhaps I'll try to set some boundaries on my Sorority Life playing so I can actually get other things done around my house. But, with that said, come join my house at http://apps.facebook.com/sororitylife/?action=vote&target=689422719 and see what all the hype is about!