Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have a name!

Name update: So while we still haven't decided on a middle name for our soon-to-arrive son, we have decided that his first name will be LEVI. It means "joined in harmony." Anyway, I knew a Levi in college and have liked the name ever since. Ty and I wanted a unique name (or at least one that is not too popular) and one with Biblical relevance, so this one met our criteria.

Also, my due date is one month from yesterday, so we are getting closer! I plan to post a belly shot soon (actually plan to take it tonight after my hair appointment!). The nursery hasn't even been started, but we are planning to paint this weekend. It's so much different the second time around! At this point last time, my bags were packed, the clothes hanging washed in the closet and I was just incubating :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

On the potty train

Ok, so I know this will actually be my third post of the day, which is very unusual, but I have some great news to share. I'll preface it like this: If you don't like bathroom talk, quit reading. For the past 3 months or so, I have been taking Colt with me when I go to the bathroom. I explain to him what's going on, then ask him to flush the toilet (which he eagerly agrees to). He also loves to tear off the toilet paper and throw it in the potty. As it is going down, he waves goodbye (too cute!) We've been teaching him the sign for toilet and Colt regularly uses the sign when I say, "Mommy has to go potty." While doing diaper changes, I tell him that he went poo-poo in the diaper but that his poo really belongs in the potty. After diaper changes, he usually throws his diaper in the trash, but the other day he took his dirty diaper to the bathroom and threw it in the toilet! That's when I knew he was getting the idea.

Well, this afternoon he'd just woken up from his nap. We were playing around (I admit I watching tv) and he started signing potty. We went to the bathroom where I sat him on the training potty I'd bought a while back. He sat there and went #1 and #2!! Then half an hour later, he signed potty again. This time I was too slow taking off his winter clothes and he was going potty as I took off his diaper. Either way, he recognized the urge and let me know. Big strides have been made today :) My little boy is on his way to being a big boy.

Squeaky Shoes

Grandma gave Colt some squeaky shoes for his birthday in July. The shoes are size 6, and since he's outgrown his size 5s, we decided to give them a try. The first time we put them on, he ran around the house for about 20 minutes non-stop. Today it's cold outside, and Colt REALLY wants to go out to play, so in my attempt to keep him inside, I busted out the squeaky shoes....

Gotta say that I don't plan on sending him anywhere in public wearing these shoes (as I'm sure they will drive the nursery workers, or whoever is around, batty). I just need to figure out how to dismantle the squeaker.

Happy Birthday Cody

So last week was Cody's birthday and we went out to celebrate in fashion at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion. Boy was it good! And the service was incredible too. Ty's allergies really started acting up when we got there, so the maitre d' ran down the street to the pharmacy and bought Ty some Claritin! Anyway, here are some pics of the evening. We love you, Cody!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Over New Years, Ty and I took a "Babymoon" to San Antonio. IT WAS AWESOME! I guess we really needed a break :) My Dad and Jennifer watched Colt in Abilene while we spent 3 luxurious days at the Westin La Cantera. When we checked in late on New Years Eve, the hotel didn't have a room with a king bed that we had reserved, so they upgraded us from the regular hotel to a casita (a private little duplex of larger rooms that surround a private swimming pool and have their own patios). Our room in the casita had a queen bed, so the second night we asked if any kings had become available, and they upgraded us again to a suite in the casitas with a king bed and gave us a golf cart to get back and forth between the main hotel and our room! We spent the whole first day at the resort - got massages, pedicures, breakfast in bed, room service, and a gourmet dinner where we were the only ones in the restaurant. While in SA we went to a Spur's game, the Alamo, the Guinness Book of World Records museum, the SA zoo, worked out several times (a luxury for me!), and actually watched a movie at the theater (another luxury for us parents). Thanks to everyone in Abilene for chipping in to watch Colt while we were gone! Here are some pics from our trip and from Colt's trip to Abilene: This is the living room of our suite.
Ty was asked to be interviewed at the Spurs game. This seems to be a pattern when we attend sporting events, so I thought I'd commemorate the event with a picture.
Here's us at the Alamo. I hadn't been since elementary school, so thought we should go. It is way smaller than I thought it would be!

While in Abilene, Colt had his first zoo experience. He loved feeding the giraffes and watching the monkeys.
Aunt Abbey and Colt are feeding the giraffe.
The fam at the zoo.
Grandma and Colt watching his beloved giraffe.

Have a great day! :p

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Overdue post

Well, I've been so busy with traveling over the holidays, that I just haven't felt like posting. Since it's been a while, this is gonna be a long post, so hang on!

We started off the holidays decorating a tree on Highway 360 here in Austin with Chez and Cody. There is this stretch along the highway where people just pull over and decorate random trees, but it looks pretty cool and is our attempt to "Keep Austin Weird." Since this was our first experience, our tree didn't look that great (we didn't have many ornaments), but we learned lots. Namely, go earlier in December, so all the small trees aren't taken!

We had a couple of cold days, during which Colt insisted in going outside to play. So, I bundled him up really well. I love this picture because he is so bundled up that he can hardly get inside of his car.
This is another picture I took that I thought was cute because of the chin :)))
We headed to Fort Worth before Christmas and got together with my side of the family. It was SO great because EVERYONE was there! This year there were 3 great grand children and Colt had a blast playing with Christopher, who is just 3 months older.
Uncle Mark's family with my Grandad

All of the little kids with Grandad

My mom, sister, and us hanging out at the Embassy Suites

For some reason, I didn't get any pictures of my Dad or Jennifer or Ty's family. But here is Colt playing with some of the gifts they gave him. "I will take YOU to the hoop!"...

Like this!

Cody and Chez got Colt a push bubble lawn mower that he LOVES! He plays with it nonstop in the backyard. Gotta say I love it too. It makes a good deal of noise (like a real lawn mower!) so I can be in the kitchen and still tell where in the yard he is.

We had a great Christmas holiday and loved all the time we were able to spend with our families! We also had a great New Years (which I'll post about in a later blog as soon as I get some pictures from my dad - hint, hint - so don't count me down and out on blogging yet!)