Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoo Adventures

We recently took a trip to the zoo with our friends Kellie and Jake. We love hanging out with them, so were eagerly awaiting this day. What do you know, we wake up that day and it is raining! Now this is a big deal because we are in the midst of an awful drought. Well, my boys were so excited that it was raining (just a little bit) that they wanted to wear their rain boots/coats, even though it stopped raining before we left our house. Crazy kids!

Levi, as is his daily desire, wanted to wear his FAVORITE shirt. 

 This boy asks to wear this shirt every single day. He loves Pluto and the whole Mickey Mouse crew. 

Anyway, back to the zoo... Tatum was excited to be there and ready to go.

The boys enjoyed looking at a huge pig, 

feeding lots of goats, 

and riding the train. 

Thanks again to Kellie and Jake for the invite. It's fun to see our boys having so much fun together!

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