Monday, January 29, 2007

First belly picture

Okay, so now that I am 17 weeks along and had to buy my first maternity pants, I figure it's time to post the much asked about first belly pic. I recently went to JCPenny and bought 2 pairs of maternity jeans and a pair of black pants. Then I went to Ross and bought 2 shirts and a dress. The problem I've encountered so far, is that few stores carry maternity clothes, and when they do, there are only a few racks of clothing to choose from. I mistakenly went into Mimi Maternity for the first store and LOVED their clothes. But since I don't want to pay over $100 for a pair of jeans I'll wear 6 months, I am out of luck shopping there. However, their shirts are much cuter than anything else I've found, so I may have to venture back there soon.

I've also attached some pics of our weekend adventure to Mt. Bonnell with Molly while some perspective buyers were looking at our house. We are trying to hit a few of the Austin hot spots we've missed out on before we leave in 4 short weeks!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Florida bound

Well, we are moving to Florida! Pretty crazy, we know. Ty's job has presented him with an opportunity to open a new warehouse in Tampa and it was too good to pass up. We flew to Tampa last weekend to check it out (since it's hard to commit to moving somewhere you've never been). We liked it okay, except for the 3 alligators we saw on the way to the first house we looked at! Otherwise, it was all smooth sailing. We are excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for the opportunity... nervous to be moving somewhere that we know NO one 4 months before we are supposed to have our first kid!! So, please keep us in your prayers as we are simultaneously experiencing 2 of life's most stressful experiences: pregnancy and moving. But keep in mind that we will only be an hour from Disney and 20 minutes from the beach... so come visit frequently!