Sunday, November 1, 2009

7 months

Before my little boy turns 8 months in a few days, I guess I should post a few of his 7 month pictures.

What a pair! Not the best picture, but the only time I could get Colt to give Levi a hug. Colt is still adjusting to having a little brother, and more so now that Levi wants to play with Colt's toys.

What a cutie!

See, Colt does share occasionally. Levi loves bubbles as much as his brother.

This month:
Separation anxiety has begun.
Levi went to his 1st baseball game (to watch Uncle Dusty).
Levi loves to put TINY things in his mouth... leaves, grass, etc. We have to sweep his mouth often when he chokes :(
Started waking up more often at night. We know you aren't hungry, and we really aren't very interesting to be around at 4am, so just do everyone a favor, and stay asleep.

We try to only give Levi a pacifier when he sleeps, although he really doesn't use it much. However, since he's gotten 4 teeth this month, he seems to like the paci during non-nap times too.