Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Quick Trip to Los Angeles

The kids and I accompanied Ty on a 3 day trip to LA in October. He went for a conference, so we had a free place to stay. We also had a ton of airline miles saved up, so the trip was pretty inexpensive. The only bad part was that Ty had to work the whole time, so it really was just me and the kids hanging out the whole time. I was even crazy enough to brave a trip to Disneyland as the lone adult! 

We went to the beach twice because the kids loved it so much! The boys body surfed the waves for hours.

Zoe was more timid in the ocean and mostly played in the sand. 

Tatum, too, enjoyed the sand the first day. 

The 2nd day she braved the water a bit more. We ran from the waves over and over again. 

Even Mama enjoyed sunning on the beach!

Playing with Santa Monica Pier in the background.

California dreamin'

Our crazy crew!

I can't believe how beautiful this LA beach was. 

We watched a magic show on Santa Monica Pier that the boys were enthralled with.

We had a great time at the beach. Wish we lived closer so we could go more often! I was so impressed by how well behaved the kids were too. I was nervous about this since Ty wasn't with us, but they were troopers! 

We went to Disneyland for one day of our journey. Colt was old enough to ride in the tea cup by himself! 

Tatum and Zoe love the tea cups and we rode them multiple times.

The boys favorite part was hands down the Jedi Training Academy. They were chosen out of the crowd, given a jedi robe and light saber, then given a lesson by a Jedi on how to use the lightsaber. 

Then, out of the ground rose a platform holding Darth Vader and Darth Maul. It was so dramatic and epic, as Levi would say. Both boys got to fight Darth Maul and haven't stopped talking about it since! In fact, Levi has wanted a Star Wars birthday party ever since this day. 

What a cute Padawan learner.

The Force is Strong with This One. Tatum was a bit afraid during the presentation, especially when Darth Maul came close to us in the crowd. His makeup was TOTALLY realistic looking! Both girls hung close by me, but afterwards, Zoe has been saying for months that when she turns 5 years old, she wants to fight Darth Maul. Guess the Jedi Training Academy was pretty influential on her too. 

Since we just went to Disney World not too long ago, we decided to skip some rides that we had already done and not enjoyed so much. There were a few characters that Levi wanted to see who weren't at Disney World, so we stood in line for a while to meet them. Captain America didn't fail to impress. 

Thor was so nice to the kids and even let them try to hold his mallet thing, but it was too heavy.

We ran into Cinderella's Fairy God Mother! 

Zoe enjoyed Prince Charming's carousel.

Tatum wanted to meet Belle. 

A photo op in front of the castle which was decorated for the 50th anniversary. By this point, we had been at the park all day and it was late afternoon. Even though I had wanted to stay for the fireworks, we decided to call it a day before everyone melted down. We had so much fun! We decided that we liked Disney World better than Disney Land (more rides, more space to navigate the crowds, and Fast Passes that get you to the front of the line that you coordinate before you arrive at the park), but we weren't disappointed that we went either. 

Other things we did on our trip: drove through Hollywood, swam at the hotel pool, and sat in lots of traffic. I wasn't a huge fan of LA, the city. Too much traffic. Just a fan of the beaches... they were beautiful! Minnie Mouse says "until next time!"

Tatum turns 5!

Who are your closest friends? Kylie, Skylar, Aliah, Maylee (from preschool), Zoe my sister, Ryla, Eliza, Hazel, Aunt Chez, 

What are some talents you have? Ballet (to be fair, this questionnaire was given in December when she was 3 weeks into ballet). Gymnastics, soccer.

What activities do you like to do with your family? Play games, paint, playing Dead Man, Dead Man come alive on the trampoline

What makes you happy? Seeing my friends and playing with them.

What makes you sad? My brothers hitting me.

Favorite color? All the colors. 

Food? Macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, pizza, Jesus

Sport? Ballet

Book? My princess book

TV show? Angelina Ballerina

Movie? Frozen

Game on iPad: Subway Surfers

Song to sing? Let it Go from Frozen

What do you like best about school? Playing on the big playground

Day of the week? Christmas

When I grow up I want to be a Mommy, doctor, gymnastics teacher, ballet teacher, and swimming teacher. 

My goal for this year is learn to swim.

Something new I want to learn when I am 5 is learn how to eat one whole banana at the same time. 

South Church Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween from the Dishmans!

We decorated our car to join our friends with a trunk or treat outside our church. 

Even Darth Vader (aka Colt) brought his car to participate!

The girls had fun passing out candy.

Sure do love all these ladies!

Zoe was checking out the goodies. 

Pretty sure Anna ate a whole bag of chocolate by herself! 

Cowabunga, Dude!

The Shea's went all out on their amazing costumes! 

Luke Skywalker enjoyed passing out candy to the neighbors. This event was a fun way to meet some people who live near the church. Afterwards we went home, but it was dark and late, so the kids just got to Trick-or-Treat at our immediate neighbor's homes. They were a bit bummed about that, but they still scored tons of candy, played with their friends and had fun wearing their new costumes and saying hi to our neighbors. A win for all! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Compassion International came to Austin to set up a display that allowed us to experience a different culture without leaving the city. They had an 18 wheeler that transformed into 2 different countries. We were randomly channeled to tour the life of a little girl from Venezuela. We wore headphones that told us the story of this girl as we toured different rooms that described her life (her home, her bedroom, her school, her future). Her only toys were dolls she made out of mud.

Here the kids are exploring her bedroom. It really was eye-opening for the kids to see that not everyone lives like we do, that others have struggles that are different than ours, that despite our differences, everyone is loved and valued by our Father, and that we can play a part in loving and encouraging people in big and small ways. 

Tatum was eagerly waiting for her grandparents to arrive and just sat at this window for 30 minutes looking for their car. We love to have visitors! 

Tatum's 5th bday party was at a bounce house! 

I was so busy and stressed out that I didn't make the cake like usual. Can I just tell you how freeing and awesome it was! I think making bday cakes for each kid might just be a thing of the past. 

Tatum got a TON of Frozen paraphernalia for her birthday. Here is Zoe modeling one of the new dresses and crowns. 

Levi brought the class pet, Moby, home for a week. He is dressed in his new Halloween costume, hanging out with Moby. May the Force be with You.

Levi also took Moby to the dentist with him. Looks like Levi's teeth are pearly white!

We also took Moby to church. We have been meeting at the Ann Richard's School for Young Women Leaders, so they posed in front of her pictures :)

Zoe is stylin! 

I went totally hippie for a day and attended the Austin Fermentation Festival. This is the Kombucha Mama talking to the group. I learned a lot and am now trying to incorporate more fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha) into my diet.

Erica ran the Run for the Water with Ty and I this year. She has joined our small group and church and has had a big impact on our family this year. We are so thankful for her!

Tatum wore her Elsa costume to run the Kids 1K. 

Colt got 3rd place in the kid's race!! 

Levi wore his Jedi costume and enjoyed the race as well. 

Tatum has been into face painting of late. She loved this butterfly at the end of her race and wanted to show you as well.