Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colt's 4th b-day party

My baby turned 4 in July! It's cliche, I know... but time has really flown by. We are loving being Colt's parents. He is a good kid - he's quiet until he gets to know you, then he's just a silly little boy who likes to get attention. He's generally obedient to others but can be quite crafty around the house, so keeps us on our toes. Lately, Colt has taken a real interest in Tatum (he's been climbing into her crib to play with her). 
Last year, Colt went to a birthday party at Kiddie Acres that he hasn't stopped talking about ever since. I finally wised up to the idea of having a party at a place that does all the work for me. I even ordered Colt's cake this year (from Sugar Tooth Bakery - vegan for Chez!) instead of stressing out about making the perfect creation for Colt. 
Levi and Owen rode this ride together. 

Close up of Levi - he loves wearing sunglasses. Pretty much wears them all the time, yes indoors as well. 

The boys in the boat. 

Friends in the airplane

The train was a big hit! 

We never tire of train rides :)

The men and the boys enjoyed some putt-putt

Kendal shared some big news with us at the party... baby #3 on its way!! Yay!

Someone's happy he'll be a big brother!

Trying to stay cool - it was hot out there!

Eliza was just chillin'

Malachi and Colt - friends forever :) I never got a picture of Colt with all of his friends, and we never got a family picture either. Gotta get better about that!

Happy Birthday, Colt. We love you so much and are blessed to be your parents. We pray that God will continue to work in you to grow you into a young man who loves Him with all your heart and seeks to honor Him with your thoughts and actions. You are a joy to all who know you and a good friend to your brother and sister. We can't wait to walk with you in your next year of life. 
Love, Mom

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