Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here I am playing around with web boards again. These pictures are back when Tatum was 8 months old (now she's 10 months!!). She had just gotten her first 2 teeth and kept making funny faces as she was getting used to the feel of them in her mouth. She now has 4 teeth and is working hard on a 5th. Girl has never needed a bib before this current tooth - drool galore! 

My little brother's wedding!

One of the highlights of this summer was being able to celebrate my brother's marriage! Andrew and Amy were married in June in San Antonio. It was such a fun, hot weekend! We were able to reconnect with family that we haven't seen in years and years, create new family memories and show our love to Andrew and Amy. 

Here is everyone having fun kicking off the weekend with the rehearsal: 

Andrew and his groomsmen

My boys practicing to be the ring bearers.

One more of my little cutie!

Me and my Grandma, which I sadly haven't seen since my own wedding 9 years ago!! It was so nice to be able to see her again and spend some time with her (and my aunts who we'll get to in just a sec). 

Also, this isn't the best picture of them, but these are some of my parent's LONGtime friends who made the trip to the wedding from New Hampshire. It was really nice for them to come all the way to Texas for the wedding and it was so great to see them again!

The rehearsal dinner was at Guadalajara Grill on the Riverwalk and was a fun party! I especially liked hearing all of the stories and character affirmations from my brother's groomsmen. 
Here's my crazy Tatum! Clapping up a storm and putting on quite a show :) For some reason I didn't take too many pictures at this event - probably because I have 3 kids that I have to chase around. After the festivities, the boys wanted to go on a horse-drawn carriage ride (the horses were parked just outside our restaurant and they were patiently watching them from our party room), so Alethea, Abbey and I accompanied them on a nice ride around the Riverwalk. 

As for the actual wedding day... we had lots of fun swimming at my mom and aunt's hotel. We really tried to spend as much time with them as possible since we haven't seen them in forever either. I think it's seriously been about 15 years since I've seen my Aunt Sarah! :( My mom's sisters are always soo much fun to be around - they are hilarious and we laughed the whole time! 

We were so thankful that my Aunts and Grandma made the long trip to Texas for the wedding. It definitely will not be another 9 years before we see you guys again!! 

As for the ring bearers.... well, they did just fine at the rehearsal (and when we practiced the week before at our own empty church building). However, when the actual wedding day arrived, they were not too happy to have a pillow to carry down the aisle. I already suspected that Colt may have some jitters walking by lots of people he didn't know, but figured that Levi's people-charming personality would help calm Colt's nerves. Boy was I wrong. When it was time for them to walk down the aisle, they kept hitting the pillow out of Ty's hands and refused to carry the pillow or walk down the aisle. 

To compound matters more, they were supposed to be walking towards me at the front of the audience, but Tatum began loudly crying just as the Maid of Honor walked down, so I had to leave my seat with her, giving the boys no one to encourage them at my end of the aisle! All in all, it was one of those funny and cute ring bearer stories for my brother and Amy to remember. But now the boy's resume is tarnished, so getting more ring bearer gigs in the future may be more difficult. :) 

Eventually, the boys walked around the outside of the audience to our seats with the family in the front. Levi then walked the pillow over to my brother. I love this picture because Colt is playing in the rocks and you can see how Levi's boutonniere is already messed up. He unraveled it completely about 14 seconds after he finally sat down in his chair. Too bad too, because Amy made them herself and were SUPER cute (along with everything else Amy handcrafted for the wedding)! 

As for other pictures...
My mom dancing with Levi

I really like this picture of my mom. I think she's standing when Amy walks down the aisle here.

I love how this shows the detail of the back of Amy's dress. 

Anyway, I know this is a long post with lots of pictures, but hey, it's my little brother's wedding, so I can post as many pictures as I want. We LOVE Amy and her family and are so excited that she is now a Dillman. Amy and Andrew, we love you both and are looking forward to walking with you guys as the Lord leads us all on this journey called life.