Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, babies, and more babies

Looking back, I realized I never officially posted Tatum's 3 month pictures. So, here goes. Just a tad bit late. I mean, she didn't just turn 6 months already! 

Also, Eliza joined the family in January! We are so excited to have a niece/cousin around. And Eliza is such a sweet baby. I think she was around 2 weeks old for these pictures. Now she's a big 3 month old with lots of adorable rolls and a beautiful smile.

I'm almost done playing blog catch up. Woohoo!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Abilene zoo

I was insanely jealous when Ty went on a cruise with his brother over Easter weekend. To combat the thought of 5 days without him, I packed up the kids and we headed to Abilene.
We went to the Abilene zoo, which was really much improved from when I was a kid. My boys loved it! Here's Colt imitating the monkey :)
Levi has such a sincere awe for life!

Again, Tatum was content in her stroller. I REALLY hate that all of her pictures lately have been in her carseat! I promise we get her out of there sometimes. :) It's just hard to chase around 2 active boys in public places while carrying a baby, so she gets to hang out in her lovely carseat when we are out and about. 

Sleepy eyes

The highlight of the zoo for the boys was feeding the giraffes from the bridge.

 Here's the whole crew checking out one of God's unique creations. Thanks for a fun trip to the zoo, Grandad and Grandma! 

Sweet Berry Farms!

We recently hit up Sweet Berry Farms for the first time and picked some really delicious strawberries. We had a great time out there and will definitely go again soon! 
The big hit for the boys, for some reason, were the donkeys. They also had goats in a fun pen.
 Tatum was chill in the carseat as always.

 She's started sticking her cute little tongue out.
Not the greatest picture, but I like seeing some of her rolls :)

Levi LOVES his little sister! And especially loves playing with her bows/flowers.

Now onto the actual strawberry picking...

 Levi liked to eat the strawberries as he picked them. Not sure that was entirely legal, but it was too cute to put an end to. 

 Colt got pretty upset that his feet got so muddy. But it rained (briefly, as we are in a drought) the night before, so what could we do?!
 We brought home some great strawberries, some muddy shoes, and some sunburned arms (I gotta get in the habit of putting sunscreen on these poor kids!), and had a great time with friends and the fresh country air.