Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We've got ourselves a birthday girl!

Tatum celebrated her one-year birthday in October. We had a party at the house with mostly family and a few little friends of hers. It was a fun day, even if we did spend most of the morning in the kitchen preparing venison chili for our guests. It turned out delicious and we've made it again several times since, but it's just labor intensive. (Ty recently went deer hunting, so we are now experimenting with all sorts of recipes to use up what's in our newly-purchased-due-to-the-deer deep freeze). 

This is the cake that I made. It turned out cute, or at least I think! We simply took the cupcake off the top and gave that cake to Tatum for her "smash cake." 

She enjoyed opening a few gifts, but mostly played with the paper! 

Tatum's friends who were able to come celebrate: Eliza, Cason, and Ezekiel. 

My friend, Christy, had a super cute birthday onesie that I borrowed to take a few birthday pics of Tatum in. Thanks!! 

She loves balls!

Tatum is very friendly and says a genuine "hi-eee" to almost everyone she sees. 

Sliding continues to be an enjoyed past time. 
She can even take a rough landing like a champ. I guess having 2 older brothers is paying off. She's one tough cookie! 

Although, she can be a priss as she shows that she doesn't like to crawl in the grass. 

I found these super cute bloomers on and had to get them.

 Tatum is truly a joy in our lives. She is such an easy baby with a calm temperament and a spunky personality. She loves to be around people and is always on the go. She says hi, mama, dada, dog -then clicks her tongue to call it, and can sign more, all done, milk and food. She is cruising, but won't let go to stand on her own. She continues to be a fantastic sleeper, likes to spoon-feed herself, and loves her brothers! Her current nicknames are Taterade, Tatertot, and Mutat (Tatum spelled backwards b/c I see it that way on burp cloths when they are upside down!). Even though it's been a busy year having 3 young children, we are so thankful that God has placed Tatum in our lives at this exact moment in time. She is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty that God provides daily in the little things. We love you, Tatum!


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Wendi said...

She is adorable! Good job on the cake. :) Simple and cute... Just my style.