Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Colt 2.5

Colt has been a hoot lately. This post is mainly a list of things I want to remember about this current stage of his life. He's such a joy to be around, well, most of the time - he still has bouts of the Terrible Twos when this little monster appears out of nowhere :)

Colt asks about 100x a day, "What's that sound?" Considering there are about 20 noises going on at once, this question is sometimes very difficult to answer. And he keeps pressing for an answer until the right noise is identified.

He is really into trains right now. He loves reading books about them, watching shows about them, etc. But he's also into all the other vehicles too: police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, airplanes, boats.

He loves saying the same prayer every night. "Dear God, Thank you for Malachi, M's mom, M's dad, M's b-day party. Thank you for Berkley, Owen Massey, Cooper..." and names several friends, and usually their mom and dad too.

Colt has figured out how to get the toy he wants from Levi. He'll run to get a "replacement" toy and will say, "Levi want play with book now" as he snatches the ball out of Levi's hand. Usually Levi doesn't mind too much, though it seems he's catching on and protesting a bit more now. Guess I need to step in as the parent and sort it out :)

He's started using 4 and 5 word sentences that are pretty fun to listen to. They sound so grown up coming out of his mouth. After you answer one of his questions, he'll respond, "oh." Always.

Much to my dismay, Colt recently stopped calling us Mommy and Daddy. We are now just plain old Mom and Dad. I really am grieving over this development.

He loves to play chase, shoot baskets, explore the backyard, crawl after Levi, go to school, get the newspaper with Daddy, ask for yogurt first thing every morning, and bake cookies.

We love our Colt!

Monday, March 29, 2010


We had snow on Feb 23rd!! Colt's first memorable snow experience!
He had SO much fun playing in our backyard, making snowballs, throwing them at the house, running around making crunching noises in the snow.
And of course EAT the snow
Levi, on the other hand, was unsure about the cold.
Eventually he meandered onto the porch.
Only to break down crying out of sheer misery
and quickly return to the warmth and dryness of the house.
Molly loved the snow probably more than anyone. She kept running around the yard at super speed, then jumping onto the porch trying to push the snow in piles. Pretty funny.
For a few days afterwards, Colt kept asking "Where'd the snow go?"
Hopefully it'll come back next year!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm an old woman.

My 30th birthday recently came and went. It was a great day with lots of well-wishes, thanks to Facebook, and calls from the family. Ty woke up early and made me a breakfast of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. The boys and I went to a lunch playdate later in the morning. My friend, Andrea, made me a delicious cookie cake that looks totally professional, but yes, she made it completely herself. Makes me sick that I'm not talented like that ;) Such sweet friends to celebrate my 30th! We ate Texas Land and Cattle for dinner, but really went out to celebrate the next weekend with 8 friends at NXNW. I love extending the birthday celebration :)
They actually put 30 candles on the cake. YIKES! The first blow I blew out 27, so had to go back for the last 3. Look at that vein popping out of my neck... I was trying SO hard :) I love the look on Colt's face. He's so serious and a bit mad that I was blowing out the candles. He wanted to help I think. Anyway, entering into the 30s hasn't been so hard. I feel good, have accomplished what I've wanted to accomplish at this point, love my family, feel confident since the Lord is walking by my side and look forward to the future!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Levi's 1st Birthday

It's hard to believe
this adorable
happy-go-lucky boy
is already ONE!
Colt recently started making this cheesy, posed smile for the camera.
Dad and the boys
Uncle Cody and Aunt Chez came over for Levi's 1st birthday party. Although, Levi got so tired we actually put him to bed before the dinner and cake, but after he opened his present.
Chez and Cody are known for their unique, thoughtful gifts. This year, they got the boys these fun plates where you can arrange your food over the face to make hair, mustache, beards, etc. Thanks guys!

Friday, March 26, 2010

News Flash: Siggies win Sing Song

Just in case you don't keep up with ACU happenings, this year's Sing Song was quite a production. We made the drive to Abilene to watch my stepsister, Ashley, who was in charge of the Siggie's kick-butt props. We were excited to take Colt to see his first Sing Song, but unfortunately he got sick (and proceeded to share his stomach illness with the rest of us - Sorry Dad and Abbey!). Our friend, Sara, was a Sing Song judge this year and it was fun to hang out with her and Luke after the show, though hard to find a coffee shop open that late in Abilene :)
We went to the zoo with Grandad and met my friend Beth and her son there.

Jennifer decided to throw a 1st birthday party for Levi. And good thing too, because I totally dropped the ball back home and failed to throw him a big party.
Levi loved the frosting!

Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate the 1st year of Levi's life!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A bit of catching up

I've been away for way too long. We've had lots going on, and honestly, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general, so have put blogging on the back burner. Ty came up with the idea that he begin contributing to the blog on a bi-monthly basis. He's a great writer and pretty funny, as you all know, so keep your eyes peeled for his first post!

I noticed that I haven't yet posted any pictures from Christmas. Shame on me. Since it was Levi's first Christmas, I feel it's important to backtrack in order to document this time in his life.
Colt and Levi in front of Nana's tree in their pjs from Aunt Chez and Uncle Cody.
Baseball is always a big hit in the Dishman household.
Dusty and Lindsey with our 3 kids. I guess Molly wanted in on the fun :)
The men and their table talk.
I took some pictures of Levi in front of our tree. A friend gave us the outfit and I thought it was too cute with the little bow tie.
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