Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's gonna be a BOY!

So, Ty and I went to get an ultrasound the day after Christmas to make sure the baby is developing in a healthy manner. The doctor said everything looks normal and healthy, AND that he thinks we are having a baby boy! He showed us his little penis and printed out a picture so we can show friends and family. Even though his genital member is in question in the photos, the doctor said he's 90% sure it's a boy. The same dr. told my friend she was having a girl, and he was correct. It's crazy that he can already determine the gender when that part just started developing 2 weeks ago!! It's good that we know a little bit earlier than most people find out, because Ty and I are having trouble coming up with good names... now we've got plenty of time to nail something down.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Four Seasons and Ty Pennington

So last weekend Ty and I had the priveledge of spending time at the Four Seasons in Austin (thanks to Ty's work). We got massages, ate breakfast in the room overlooking the Guadalupe River, ate at their nationally award winning restaurant, and we ran into Ty Penningtton from Extreme Home Makeover in the gym! My Ty, said "Look, that's Ty Pennington." I knew he was in town for an episode of his show, but the guy really didn't look like him from the view I had, plus he was tall and all the radio shows were saying he was short. So, I went outside to run around the lake while Ty stayed inside lifting weights. When I came back, he said he checked the guestbook, and it was Ty Pennington who was in the gym with us. Ye of little faith... Anyway, I can't wait to see the house they redid. The family has 5 autistic children so they need a home makeover to meet each of their kid's individual needs!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Welcome! As you know if you are visiting this blog, Ty and I are pregnant with our first kid!! I am 10 weeks along, or a quarter of the way through. We have had lots of fun telling our family and our friends of the good news! I know a few weeks have passed, so I'll try to catch you up on all of the details.

We found out we were pregnant on October 26th. When we woke up in the AM, Ty suggested that I take a pregnancy test which I thought was a futile effort considering the test I took 3 days earlier was negative. But I crawled out of bed and took the test, which started showing a feint positive line. As it became stronger, I became elated. I waited the full three minutes, then crawled back in bed and told Ty the results. He was so excited to be a dad! We kept the secret a few days, hoping to go to the doctor to get things confirmed before we let everyone else in on the news. However, when I couldn't get a doctor appt till AFTER Thanksgiving, we changed our minds and began telling a few friends and our immediate family.

We told my mom on the phone, since she's in Florida right now. We were already scheduled to go to Houston for Ty's birthday (Nov. 10th) so we told his parents then. I gave Ty a picture frame with a message "Baby Dishman, Coming July 2007" followed by the verse Jeremiah 1:5. He looked at it and said, "Mom and Dad, I think this is for you." We visited my dad and stepmom the following weekend and revealed the news to them with the same framed message. Needless to say, all involved were very excited and greatful to FINALLY (in their words) become grandparents.