Monday, May 18, 2015


The boys got to dress up like cowboys for Western Day at school. 


Granny Rae sent a fun fireman water hose for Levi's birthday. This will be much loved this summer! 

Ty 's birthday treat for me. He knows me so well. 

Plus, I love Ty's sense of humor and creativity. When we first started dating in college, his 9 year old brother couldn't remember my name or maybe he just thought it was funny, but he would call me "Carrots." 

Zoe hanging out at one of the boys basketball games. 

A little dirt never hurt anyone.

Levi loves the dirt! Here are the kids helping prepare our garden. 

We have spent many hours our here preparing the soil in this bed that has been full of weeds for many years. 

The kids have been so helpful out here (and Ty for tilling the weeds out and pouring all the compost on top). 

Another trip to Wheatsville. This time with all of the kids. Not sure we will do that again anytime soon. Lots of chaos ensued with all 4 having a shopping cart ;) 

We took the kids to the Austin Fair one night. They had a blast on the rides and keep asking to go back. 

Zoe and I on the carousel.

Colt worked all trimester long on his body project. It turned out great and he received the highest mark for it, an E. He learned about each body part represented, wrote a few sentences about each one in his best handwriting, colored the body part and assembled them on the board. Then he got his hair cut and glued it on the body to make it look like him. :)

Levi was excited to see Hazel at Westover one day. We love anytime we can get together with Eliza and Hazel! 

The boys had a recital at their piano teacher's house. I am so proud of their hard work to learn this instrument and hope it benefits them in the long haul. 

I love 





We found this new grocery store, Wheatsville Coop, that has little kid shopping carts. Zoe loves coming here now. She does really great pushing the cart around the store, until we get to the cracker aisle. Then she abandons her cart to grab a box of crackers and won't let go of them until we get to the checkout, which leaves me pushing this tiny cart around till then :)

One day Zoe spilt her milk on the floor. She immediately dropped to her hands and knees and started to lick it up!! It was so hilarious. She got mad at Molly for joining her. 

We busted out the potty to begin pre-potty training... just introducing it to her and letting her become curious about it. 

This is the picture of Levi I took for his evite birthday invitation. He's so handsome!

Levi and Colt are both playing basketball this year. We've seen a definite improvement in both of them over the course of the season. It's fun watching them learn new things. Colt is out shooting baskets in the driveway almost every afternoon. He always tries really hard to master something when he knows he can do better. I love that quality about him! 

Tatum is playing soccer for the first time. She hadn't had any practices before her first game (they kept getting rained out), so we dropped by the field in the literally freezing weather so I could briefly explain the game to her. She was so excited to be on the field that she didn't want to leave even though Zoe and Levi promptly gave up and returned to the car. More on her season in next months' post :)

Daddy Daughter Date

Our church hosts an annual Daddy Daughter Date that Ty took Tatum on this year. She apparently didn't want to dance with Ty though, only with her friend London :)


Zoe loves playing in my makeup bag... she just needs to learn how to apply it. 

Tatum's friend, Ryla, spent the night. Both of their first sleepovers. The girls had so much fun! 

They put on makeup, played dress up, dressed up their Build-A-Bears,

Slept in the tent

Talked and talked

Then walked hand in hand the next morning

into Eliza's birthday party!

Happy 4th Birthday to Eliza!! She had a rockin' party at The Thinkery where the kids all made glittery gel play dough. It was so fun!

My Grandma Goldie passed away so we went to Tulsa for the funeral. It also ended up being a big family reunion. I hadn't seen many of this side of the family in 20 years! It was so great to catch up, meet their spouses and kids and remember our wonderful Grandma's life. 

Goldie's great grandchildren

Amy fixed Zoe's hair into braids for the first time. It was great to hang out with her and Andrew in Tulsa.

Axel and Zoe were both tuckered out after the funeral. Alethea and I were so glad the Rogers clan could meet our kids. We hate that we've been apart from them for so many years and hope to change that in the future.

Zoe got her first haircut!

She loved it! I am always so thankful for her sunny disposition and some maturity that comes with being a 4th child and always watching her older siblings, then trying to copy them. 

Zoe was a bit unsure about the bow they put in at the end though :) 

All of our pets (minus Molly). Colt got an ant farm for Christmas from Aunt Chez and Uncle Cody. Then we ordered caterpillars for Levi's butterfly tent. We also have a beta fish that the kids have named Baymax (a character from the movie Big Hero 6). 

I ran the 3M half marathon this month. The kids went with me to the Bob Bullock museum to pick up my race packet. They loved the big star out front and wanted to take pictures. 

Zoe has started to be interested in babies. She has been lugging this baby doll with us around town and getting all sorts of oohs and ahhs from the older ladies at the store. I always get an earful of, "Enjoy this age while it lasts. She'll be grown before you know it!" I'm trying to cherish all the moments... thus catching up on the blog to write some of it down. 

Longest blog post ever

December was a busy month for us, and as you can see I am trying to play catch up on the blog from the past 9 months. So I'm just rolling the whole month into one post. Here goes! 
We hosted Ty's work Christmas party at our house. Here's the whole Prodigy crew from the Austin office. 

The kids had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree that they gave me the best fake smiles ever :)

The girls and I, along with Chez, Eliza and Hazel committed to wearing dresses all month long for International Justice Mission's Dressember event. We wore dresses every day of the month and fundraised for the non-profit that advocates for oppressed people around the world. 

Zoe sporting her dress and pig tails.

My laptop crashed so we took it downtown to get fixed. Figured we'd stop at the sushi place next door for a fun lunch! It's funny how much the kids love sushi rolls. 

Sporting our dresses downtown.

Now you see why Zoe needed that cast on last month. She is a dare devil.

Tatum was invited to Wesley's Frozen birthday where they received a real live visit from Elsa. 

This was Tatum's favorite party to go to this year and she's already been asking to have Elsa come to her party next year. 

Tire swing at Westover

The Dishman girls all together sporting our Dressember dresses

The boys at golf. This was the one sport Colt really cared about learning to play this year. They enjoyed it, but didn't choose to sign up again for the spring. 

Levi took a trip to the Minor Emergency Clinic with what we thought was a broken arm. Turned out to be just a sprain or something. He got a soft cast/arm brace that he enjoyed wearing, mostly for attentions sake :) 

I saw Santa and Rudolph fishing on Town Lake one morning when I went downtown for a run on the trail. There were actually about 20 of these guys out there, all dressed like Santa. It was a great reminder of one of the things I love about living in Austin!

We love the Trail of Lights! 

This particular night was UT night. Tatum enjoyed talking to the cheerleaders. We even saw Vince Young and Houston Street walking up to the stage to give a welcome to the crowd. Then hustled to begin walking the trail before the crowd was dismissed and got super crowded. 

As part of our kids bedtime routine, they ask for stories from our past (usually when we were their ages). While Ty is by far the superior storyteller in our family, I do get opportunities to tell stories from my childhood from time to time. One story I have told them is that my Dad has been delivering Meals on Wheels for probably 30 years now. When we were kids, Andrew, Alethea and I used to go with him during the summer. There was one house that we weren't allowed to walk the meal up to the door because the elderly man inside was usually naked. He had no air conditioning so it was the best way for him to stay cool in the hot West Texas summers. Anyway, the kids latched on to the part about him being naked and frequently ask for that story to be told. They also decided that they wanted the opportunity to deliver Meals on Wheels with Grandad. We finally worked it out to visit Abilene on a day when he delivers. The kids were so excited to load up all the meals and drinks and deliver them to some hungry people. We even had a bit of a competition to see who could deliver to a spanish speaker and try to use some spanish... I don't know, the boys turn everything into a competition lately. Anyway, I thought it was a great time and I'm glad the kids got this experience with their Grandad! 

Snuggles in Abilene

I could kiss her sweet cheeks all day!

Cousin time

It's fun to watch these two grow up together!

We had Dillman Christmas at our house. The family is getting so big that our living room could barely contain all the gifts :) It is really fun for the kids to help bring in all the presents, then pass them out when its time. Thanks to Jennifer for her generosity to all of us! 

She even found this personalized wrapping paper which made passing out the gifts much faster :)

I hate that out of the 2 Christmas celebrations we had I failed to take any pictures of any family, except Axel and Zoe. I'll try to do better next year!

Here's the girls and I on our last day of Dressember. It was a great cause and I was able to share IJMs mission with many people who had never heard of them. We raised money for them too - their biggest fundraising year ever! It's neat to hear the stories of people they were able to help because of this increase in funding. But, I'm not gonna lie... I was SUPER excited to wear Jeans on January 1st!!