Saturday, November 5, 2011

July 4th parade and some randomness

Our neighborhood has an annual Forth of July Parade. Neighbors decorate their cars or bikes and go through the neighborhood. The start is 2 houses down the street from our house, so we made the trek to watch this year. 

The boys were excited to see the firetruck leading the parade!

Colt really liked watching the cars and having candy thrown at him. He said that next year he wants us to decorate OUR car so we can participate. We shall see...

In a bit of randomness, this sleepy boy continually uses his shirt as a napkin. Can you tell?!? This has prompted me to make 6 month goals for the boys. #1 on Levi's list? "Learn to use a napkin." Since I have the benefit of hindsight while writing this particular post, I must say that Levi is doing much better with this 4 months later. And, actually sitting down and thinking about goals for our kids has also been extremely beneficial. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when looking at all of the WORK that needs to be done to raise these boys into real, God-fearing/loving/serving men. But, making short-term goals that are focused on how they can better learn, love and grow really gives me a manageable grasp on this thing called parenting. In a future post, maybe I'll share their goals and their progress towards them. 

My mom bought these blocks for the boys. I must say that these blocks are an absolute necessity to any family with kids. My kiddos play with these things NON-STOP! They make all different creations  (today's creation is a train in case you can't tell. Colt is the engineer). I love these Melissa and Doug blocks so much that I just bought a whole other set so they can make even bigger creations. Ty thinks I'm crazy because these blocks also take up quite a bit of space, but the boys are great at stacking them back up when they are finished playing, so we'll just have to continue to enforce that rule now that we'll have 2x the mess! 

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