Monday, July 18, 2011

memorial day 2011

We always look forward to Memorial Day each year when we get together with some of Ty's college roommates/friends and their families. This year Jay and Ally and Luke and Sara were able to come. We had so much fun at lake LBJ and our kids played really well together. My kids are still talking about the Lunchables that Jay and Ally brought :) And they continue to be enthralled with Cooper and constantly ask us to make up stories and songs about him. We were personally excited that our kids didn't get anyone sick this year! We love this time with yall and hope to still be doing this in another 10 years :)

And, I am trying to learn how to put together a photo collage for the blog, so bear with me while I figure it out.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

sis boom bah

Two, four, six, eight. Who do we appreciate?! 
Grandma's who buy us cute clothes, of course! 
Tatum is blessed to have 3 Grandmas who buy her extremely cute and fun clothes. (They buy stuff for the boys too, incase you were wondering, but lets face it... girls clothes are way better to play dress up with!). Grandma, trying to recruit her grandchildren to receive their education from her at ACU, bought Tatum an ACU cheerleader outfit. For her 7 month pictures, we played dress up and had a photoshoot! 
 Workin' it...

 A future tomboy?

We celebrated Father's Day this year in Fort Worth. My grandad passed away so we went up there for his funeral. It was nice to be able to hear about the hundreds of lives that he touched because of his life of service to show the love of Jesus to almost every single person he met. I was asked to say a few words on behalf of the grandchildren. I was really nervous, but it was also nice to sit and reflect on the things I'll remember about Grandad and his impact on my life. I'll miss him so much, but am thankful that such a man was the patriarch of the Dillman family. 
 Ty lucked out of a speeding ticket on Father's Day: One, because he's a father. Two, because Tatum was crying in the backseat when the officer walked up to the car. Three, because we were on our way to a funeral. The poor officer couldn't do anything but let Ty off the hook. 

Ty is a fantastic dad. At this age, the boys especially like wrestling with him, playing duck-duck-goose after dinner, and giving mandatory hugs and kisses before Daddy goes to work.
Happy Father's Day! We love you so much! 

Miss Thang's 6 month pics

Yes, she is currently 8 months old, but she still deserves to have her 6 month pictures posted on the family blog. 

Our Taterade is always curious as to what her brothers are doing.

Oh yeah, back to the star of today's post....

At 6 months, Tatum began sitting up which was fabulous! Now she will sit and play for long periods of time and can watch everything that's going on around her. At six months, Tatum still refused to roll over. Well, she still refuses at 8 1/2 months as well, unless she is in her bed, then she'll roll over to sleep on her stomach. Tatum is a delight and we love her so much!  


Here I am backtracking again. Go figure. I'm not making any promises this time around - I'll just post when I can from here on out! For Easter, we were in Abilene while Ty was on his State Farm cruise with his brother. We took some pictures in the kid's "Easter clothes" at ACU, then headed to Grandad and Grandma's house so they could find some eggs.
The best shot of the 3 of them we could get this particular day. 

Another shot of the 3 - can anyone say bowhead?!?

 Great hiding place :) 
Found one!