Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jonas Brothers concert!!

Recently, my wonderful step-mother organized a fun family trip to San Antonio. My 7th grade step-sister, Abbey, really wanted to see the Jonas Brothers in concert this summer, so my step-mom bought us all tickets to the big event. There were 8 of us in all and we had a blast!

Amy, Alethea, Rachel & Ashley, Andie & Abbey, Jennifer and me

My sister and Andrew's girlfriend, Amy

Prior to the show, I watched the JB's new movie, so I was somewhat prepared and knew a few songs. We had great seats! Before the show everyone was texting messages to the scoreboard above the stage. We texted Happy Birthday to Abbey from Abilene and it made it up there. She loved it!
This is the opening act - Honor Roll. They are in that new movie, Bandslam.
The JBs. I brought my Nikon, but security made me take it back to the car because of my zoom lens. These pictures were just taken with a point and shoot. I was kinda bummed cause I wanted to practice taking some fun pictures, since concert lighting is kinda tricky.

My favorite is Joe.
Abbey's favorite is Nick.
It was a great concert - entertaining and had some great effects (the waterfall thing at the end was amazing)! Plus, it was so much fun to act like a pre-teen girl again... well, at least for an hour or two. The next day, we added some much needed masculinity to the group when my dad, Ty, Colt and Levi joined us at Sea World for a day of shows, rides and water. Tons of fun! Thanks again, Dad and Jennifer, for all the wonderful memories and a special time of family togetherness!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The College Grad

Last weekend, my sister, Alethea, graduated from ACU!! After several LONG years of hard work, she finally accomplished her goal. Alethea wants to coach gymnastics and will pursue a massage therapy license in the near future (I want to be first in line for your internship massages!). We are very proud of Alethea, and had a fun time in Abilene celebrating this great accomplishment.
A cute pic of Uncle Andrew and Colt

My mom and Levi

Colt posing like an underwear model.

And, in preparation for football season... Hook 'Em Horns!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Rock and Flop

Ty and I were just commenting that Levi's first few months have flown by, whereas, Colt's first few months seemed to drag on! I guess now that we are seasoned parents :) we know that the difficult phases will eventually pass, which makes them a bit easier to endure!

Anyway, Levi is now 5 months old... and he is already working on crawling!
The boy isn't even sitting well yet. I guess he sees his big brother running all around and really just wants to keep up. Here is a video of today's progress.

And, yes, Levi is working on sitting, but doesn't do it for very long.
We love you, Levi!