Friday, November 11, 2011

October Science Experiment

I was reading a blog from a homeschooling mom about watching pumpkins decay as a way of teaching some science to her kids. I thought that could be fun, so we bought and carved a pumpkin. We sat it on our back porch and began to watch it. 

What do you know, it actually starts to rain in Austin, which enhances the decomposition of the pumpkin. It was REALLY cool to watch because each hour we would check on the pumpkin and could easily see many changes. 

The boys wanted to touch the mold, so I gave them straws. They enjoyed sticking them through the soft pumpkin skin. 

Tatum, meanwhile, was exploring the slide. This quickly became her new favorite toy.

Here is the pumpkin the last day I allowed it to sit in the back yard. A pretty scary sight, don't ya think? Maybe I should have sat it on our front porch for Halloween!

And what do you know, Tatum found her way back to the slide. 
 She's busy with a discovery of her own - the velocity, angles and techniques needed to S

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You're such a great Mom!