Monday, November 7, 2011

Our family 2011

For Father's Day, we gave Ty a picture frame with each of our handprints on the mat. (See below) We had to hand-draw a family picture because we didn't have one of the 5 of us where Tatum was able to look at the camera. My friend, Kara Dennis, came to our rescue and took some pictures of us before church one day. Thanks, Kara!! 

This one perfectly captures our family at this stage. Tatum is doing exactly what we want by looking at the camera (have I said before how GREAT of a baby she is?), Colt is wanting to play "ready, set, wee!" -a game we frequently play while walking holding hands in the parking lot, and Levi has something very important to say (he is such a smart boy, even at the age of 2). 

I asked Kara to take some pictures of just me and the kids. As someone who is usually behind the camera, I don't get documented as often in pictures, but want the kids to remember what I looked like in my younger years as opposed to the lady with the grey hair that I am quickly becoming. 

Gotta get some of Daddy too! Tatum is a BIG fan of her Daddy. 

Here is Tatum playing with the finished product. She is such a huge Daddy fan, that she is sitting here pointing to Dada and saying his name :)

I'm so glad we have some nice pictures to remember this fun time in our lives!

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