Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colt's family party

We also had a family party for Colt on his actual birthday because we LOVE celebrations!
Colt loves trains and has started to express an interest in legos, so we got him a Lego train set! He loves this set and still (in November) plays with it regularly. It IS a hassle to put together, but fortunately, on this particular weekend, we went to see Nana in Marble Falls for the 4th of July weekend, so SHE had the pleasure of assembling it! (Thanks, Nana!)

You can somewhat see the burn mark on Colt's chin in this picture. The day before this, we were making cookies. He got excited that they had come out of the oven and ran up to grab one off of the hot cookie sheet, but burned his chin on the edge of the cookie sheet. Gotta learn the hard way sometimes. Ouch! (Nov update: There is still a small scar there that keeps going away slowly but surely. Hopefully your young body will fully erase this one!)

We had recently gotten the boy's hair cut in these pictures. They look so different now (again, in November... I know, I'm a blog slacker, but at least I'm trying to make up for it now!). Their hair is really long now. I actually just trimmed Colt's hair the other day because he kept complaining about it getting in his eyes. He was hesitant to let me cut it (partly because he likes to go to the kiddie cut place because they have a big train table there that he likes), but I think it looks great now. Plus, we are planning a trip to Germany in the spring, so we put the cash we saved in our "Germany jar." Yes, all of our impulsive spending money is going in here... no more late-night Sushi (they deliver to our house!), late-night pizza, Starbucks, etc. Hmm... this could be a good thing... maybe we'll even lose some weight with no more late night eating :) Anyway, back to the celebration....

Both of the boys have really been into the Toy Story movies lately. We have saved Toy Story 2 on our tv and they ask to watch it constantly. We got Colt a Woody doll and Grandma got him a Buzz Lightyear doll, so now he and Levi can play with them together. In November retrospect... Levi is the one who loves playing with these toys. Should've known... Colt has never really been a doll kinda kid. 

The cupcakes were Colt's favorite part of the evening. Mine too as the cupcakes were from my favorite cupcake bakery in town... Delish. Yummy!

Yay for Colt turning 4! 

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