Thursday, November 10, 2011


Despite the fact that Ty HATES WITH A PASSION Groupon, I bought a Groupon for a boat rental on Lady Bird Lake with dinner for 2. I was thinking we could have a romantic date on the lake, just the two of us hanging out in peace and quiet, basking in the glow of the sunset. 
Then, I thought about our sons who without fail notice the boats on the river every time we cross the bridge. I thought of our boys who would love watching the bats fly out from under the Congress bridge at sunset. And, as you can tell by the pictures, we decided to make this once romantic affair into a family affair. (To be accurate, we did leave Tatum at home with a babysitter. She goes to bed at 6:30pm, so a fussy baby on a boat would definitely be no fun!)

O Captain, our Captain

Hmm... probably should've photoshopped this one a bit more, but am too tired to do that now :(

The Groupon provided 2 dinner plates (fajitas from the Hyatt hotel) which were delicious. We brought some dinner and a dessert for the boys and a bottle of wine for us and were good to go on food for the evening. The boys loved the chips and queso. 

We had such a fun night as a family on the lake. I will say that it was a bit stressful to navigate the boat as there are several areas of shallow water we had to steer around and we didn't want to break the rental boat. I would definitely plan to buy this Groupon again, but next time maybe go with some friends and hire a captain so we could just relax! And while Ty may not be anymore pro Groupon after this experience, he would hopefully agree this one was worth it. 

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