Monday, November 7, 2011


We've had a really busy July, but have made sure to take some time to capture our day-to-day lives. Here's Tatum at 9 months. She's a bundle of fun and full of expression.

One thing I try hard to teach my children is about the benefit of eating healthy foods. Here are the boys snacking on snap peas, bell pepper and broccoli. I think I may be teaching them too much of a good thing however. Lately, we'll be at the store and they'll go down the aisle saying, "That's not good for your body. That's not good for your body...." The other day we were at a restaurant and a woman had a big piece of pie and they pointed and said, "That's not good for her body." Even though I was kind of embarrassed, I was also one proud mama! :) Now if I could only teach them discretion.

Colt is sharing with Molly. He Loves this dog! He puts her food in her dog bowl each day and loves to have her sleep in his room. She definitely prefers Colt to Levi, who is kinda a terror with her :( 

Here's some pictures of Colt's silly side. He's dancing to some music, to be exact. 

 Disco anyone?

Later in July, we took a trip to the lake with our friends the Lawsons and with Uncle Cody, Aunt Chez and Cousin Eliza. Here are Tatum and Eliza in matching blue dresses that Grandma bought for them. They are so cute !
The boys loved watching the deer!

Levi and Colt LOVE their friend, Jake. They get excited to see him each time we go to church. We are so thankful that the Lawsons came to hang out for this fun weekend!

Levi and Jake were heard having tons of fun in the kitchen. The giggles were from a finger-lickin' good cup of applesauce.

Another big surprise one day in July... 
Tatum started sitting up all on her own! We had to lower her crib mattress at last!

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