Wednesday, October 31, 2012

iPhone upload

Oops! I meant to post these pictures a LONG time ago! They are mostly from the spring and early summer 2012. 

She just looked too cute not to take her picture. 

First pigtails!

First haircut

Cute little bob made her look so grown up! 

Everyone with new haircuts

Pirate's Arg

Bluebonnet pics in our front yard

Feeding the cow at Owen's house

Hanging out while the boys were in gymnastics

Date night with my hottie husband

Breakfast in bed for Mother's Day! 
(Someone was sneaking my eggs as usual)

Playing in the rain

This kid loves to dress up

She looks so grown up!

iPad time 

Our garden produced some great zucchini

Memorial day with the Hejls! 

The boys built a train and Tatum was the conductor.

Haircut time. We probably followed this up with a trip to the actual barber :)

Some friends at a baseball themed b-day party. Love these girls! 

We went on a road trip to a friend's wedding. 

Got mani-pedi's with my mother-in-law and sister-in law. It was a fun girl's day!