Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tatum's 10 month shoot

I entered an online contest and actually won (unbelievable I know)! One of the things in my prize pack was this cute little pillbox hat from Monkey Shine Designs! I couldn't help but take some beautiful pictures of my daughter as the model.

Love this face :)

The boys tagged along for the photoshoot also. They enjoyed watching the trains that went by as we were at the train station in Abilene. 

Here we are on the drive home. Cramped quarters on a road trip with 3 kids! (You can kinda see the top of Tatum's head in the bottom right corner.) Since then we've rearranged the carseats and turned Tatum around/forward-facing and have them all on the same row. Fun times in the Dishmobile. 

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