Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's all tied up!

For the past several years, Ty has participated in Fantasy baseball and football. I was always less than enthusiastic about his participation in this "sport" because of all the time it took. He was seemingly ALWAYS online checking stats and rearranging his teams. Well, this year, Ty got smart. He recruited me to play on his fantasy baseball team. For a good chunk of the first part of the season, I was in 1st and 2nd place, which got me excited about participating and actually making an effort. And it really didn't take as much time as I thought it would, which is great since I don't have much time to invest in it :)

Well, this is the last week of the season and GOOD NEWS - I am playing for the championship! (and a $200 cash prize). Out of 10 players, it is down to me (team Colt 45s) and my archrival (team Juiced). The bad news- the two teams playing for the championship must play each other for 2 weeks and I have been losing... until today. As of today, we are all tied up! Just four days to go until the championship is secured. I just need my pitchers to pitch well and my hitters to hit some homeruns, and 1st place is in the bag (easier said than done).

I really can't believe how competitive I've become about an online game, but it really is quite fun! I now can watch ESPN with my husband and actually pay attention because I my player's real life performance effects my team score. I've even been logging in during Colt's 3am feedings in order to pick up the best players before my opponent can snag them! This season has been so great, that Ty talked me into playing Fantasy football as well. I'm not very excited about spending 3 months paying attention to football (especially NFL football). But we'll see, maybe I'll be hooked on that by season's end as well.

Speaking of baseball, here's a cute pic of Colt in some Astros overalls.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Colt's new friends

Whenever Colt sits in his swing, he looks over to this fabric swatch and starts smiling at this little blue elephant (see pic below). Then he'll start squealing and "talking" to it! It is too cute. Guess he has some new friends! He has started to "talk" much more recently, especially if you sing to him. He'll just talk for minutes on end - it cracks me and Ty up!
Yes, if you look closely at the above picture, there IS another swing in the background. This is because we bought the Fischer Price Papesan swing and it BROKE! It is battery operated, and it will eat 4 D batteries in one swing session! So, we bought Colt a different swing (the one with the elephant), which is working MUCH better! It operates with electricity through the wall socket, which saves us money on batteries :)

This week, we left Colt with a babysitter for the 1st time!! We found a girl at church who seems responsible and she loves Colt. She's a high school senior, so we ended up taking Colt to her house (which worked out good, cause her parents were there to lend a hand if needed!). Ty and I went to a Bible study. The whole time I kept waiting for my phone to ring and was hoping it had good reception in the house! When we picked him up, he seemed happy and was clean and fed. Can't ask for much more!

Below is Colt in some of the outfits Grandma J gave to him. Thank you!

Sorry this is sort of a boring post, just not a lot going on with us right now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am out of control!

As a friend of mine recently put it, "When we become parents, we are so excited to teach our kids new things. But really, God uses parenting to teach THE PARENTS new things!" Since becoming a mom, God has been working on me. The number one lesson he wants this control freak to learn, is that I am NOT in control! I am having to put Colt's needs infront of my own, even if it's not convenient for me or doesn't fit into my schedule. Even though I am responsible for my son, some things are simply out of my control. For example, this week I dropped my son on the floor. He is fine, but it scared us both. From this I am learning that I can't control everything. There will be accidents (probably more to come, especially having a curious little boy on our hands :) and God can use whatever happens for the good of those who love Him! It is never easy for a stubborn person like me to learn a lesson (usually I have to learn it the hard way). So when I do learn something new, I am humbled that our GRACIOUS God would take the time to repeatedly try to get through to me. Unfortunately, it took me dropping my son for me to finally realize my control problem. Fortunately, God is in control and HE protected Colt!
Now onto this week's pictures :)

Colt is starting to laugh! It's adorable. He kinda goes, "He. He."

Colt and Molly during "tummy time"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labor Day weekend

Colt FINALLY got to take his first trip to TEXAS! We made the tour of Texas, starting in Houston, then going to Austin, Marble Falls, and Fort Worth. Here is a bit about our trip:

Colt took his first airplane ride. I was nervous because Ty couldn't come with us, but Colt did great! He slept all the way up, and drank his bottle on the way down! (As you can see, the flight was pretty empty, so even if he did fuss, it wouldn't have disrupted too many people!)
In Austin, Colt met his mom and dad's friends and their new kids. Adalaide was sleeping, but we got pictures of Colt and Kate (isn't she a cutie?)

Next Colt went to Marble Falls and met lots of other friends: (Don't they all look SO happy to be there :)

Cooper, Camden, Chase, & Colt

Colt laid out at the lake in Marble Falls:

Then we drove to Fort Worth where Colt got to meet his GREAT Grandad and Grandma:

It was a fun vacation and it was great to see lots of wonderful friends and family along the way. We miss you guys, but you're always welcome to visit us in sunny Florida!

Somewhere during all of our travels, Colt picked up a cold and then had a slight ear infection. He was a bit fussy when we got home, but after sleeping with him in the recliner for 2 nights and a bit of baby Tylenol, he was back to his old curious, chipper self again. Colt getting sick was one of my biggest parenting fears, so now that we've been there and done that, I feel much more confident. Yes, it was hard to hear him fuss and not be able to sooth him quickly, but he really was a trooper and we got through it.

Also, Colt had his 2 month checkup: he weighs 13 lbs 80z, height 24.25 inches. We have a big boy on our hands!