Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Ty, you are such a great Dad to our two boys. They love you so much (especially evidenced by Colt's daily catch phrase of "where's daddy!?" about a million times a day). Have a great Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Levi is all smiles

Add VideoHere is a video I took last month when Levi was 2.5 months old, but am just now posting. You know how that goes :) This is one of Levi's first smiles. Gotta capture the good times. Now he's laughing, so I'll have to video that one soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New York, New York

My fabulous husband won us a trip to NY. We went last weekend, when our favorite Tampa Bay Rays were there to play the NY Yankees. My dad and Jennifer watched our kids, so we were rid of our parental responsibilities for a few days, and the 2 of us just had fun like the good ole days.

Our first night, we went to dinner with the Hocks. We ate at a great Thai-French restaurant, Vong's. Yum! The next day it rained all day, so we went to the Museum of Modern Art (indoors) to pass the time. Here we are admiring the art.

Honestly, we were a bit surprised by the things that were called art. Here is a random wool suit, hanging from the wall. Here is my contribution to MOMA. This is a picture I took of some statues in the museum, but way overexposed. Anyway, I figure if some of the crazy stuff in MOMA is considered art, then they should add this next image to their collection :) We followed our sister-in-law's (Chez) recommendation and went to see Wicked. Our seats were in the VERY last row, but dead center. Despite that fact, we could hear and see everything during this fabulous show. We enjoyed it tons! Now I know how it all started :)

Saturday we went for a morning run in Central Park, but took the subway too far north, so we ran through Harlem instead. Then we headed to Brooklyn for the Rays/Yankees game. The new Yankee Stadium was SO nice. The seats had a good 5 inches of cushioning - the most comfy stadium seats I've ever sat in. To top it all off, our TB Rays beat the Yankees in a GREAT game.
We finished our trip with a great New York strip steak dinner and a trip to Times Square since Ty was trying to talk all the street vendors into giving him a "bling" watch for $5. Even though he's a pretty smooth talker, we didn't come home with any watches or fake purses, just a souvenir cup from Wicked. Thanks again to Dad, Jennifer, Abbey, Ashley and Alethea for helping take care of our kids while we were gone!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memorial Day

I know Memorial Day was several weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to downloading my pics. We went to the lake house in Marble Falls with our good friends, the Hejls.
It was tons o' fun and very relaxing. Luke actually went golfing (a rare occurrence) with Ty and beat him! See Luke, you should golf more often. Sara made us a great dinner and didn't burn the cutting board this year, while Cooper continued to call Colt like a dog by patting his leg while calling, "Come here, Colt." Classic. As always, we ended the weekend with brunch at the Bluebonnet Cafe! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, Hejls.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Days of Our Lives

Just took some random pictures as we were hanging around the house. I bought a bubble blower machine, since Colt loves bubbles. Here he is chasing the bubbles around our back porch.
Colt loves helping me cook and pulls a chair into the kitchen multiple times each day, in order to watch or help stir.
Levi likes to smile often these days. He's getting so strong and likes to lift up his head to look around.
Whenever Colt is going from point A to point B, he is running. I've found that I have less laundry if he runs around with just a diaper (and less stains to remove), so that's been our MO lately.
Levi has a new rocker/bouncy seat that he loves. He just kicks his feet and the toys swing back and forth. He'll sit here peacefully for a while, entertaining himself!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mother's Day

My 2nd Mother's Day was great! I got this great new Vita Mix blender that does EVERYTHING I could ever imagine and has made my life much easier. Ty made us a great breakfast Sunday morning, then we went to lunch with friends. This year, Mother's Day just happened to correlate with Ty's 1/2 birthday. I guess as a kid he went to Chuck E Cheese on his 1/2 birthday, so in his attempt to get out of making dinner as well, suggested we give CEC a whirl. It definitely wasn't as good as when we were kids, and the food was horrible, but Colt had a great time and was mesmerized by the mechanical characters on the stage.
Colt loved Chuck E Cheese.

Levi just chilled. I actually got to eat my meal without holding a baby, what a great gift! Levi, you are so thoughtful, even at such a young age :)

Notice Colt is trying to throw the ball. Ha!

Ty came home from work with a shaved head!!