Monday, December 14, 2015


Here's a pic of Colt's 2nd grade class. 

Tatum loves painting nails. She's a sweet and helpful sister to Zoe! 

Zoe showing off her color :)

Watermellon and cookies! Not sure why we had this snack this particular day, but they sure did enjoy it.

We went on a hike with our friends, the Mullens. 

And rode the Zilker Zephyr. We love the freedom we get on Fridays to hang out with other homeschoolers. 

A day in the life

I found a recipe online for Mint chocolate shakes that are super healthy... like coconut milk, avocado, cocoa powder and gelatin. The kids LOVED them and asked me to make them every day for the rest of their lives ;) 

And they also wanted me to take their pictures while drinking them. Weird. 

We went to Marble Falls and went swimming at Aunt Pam's pool a number of times this summer. This was our last day. Tatum is SO close to learning to swim! 

Zoe found Mommy's makeup

One of her famous faces... the Levi face. 

I took Zoe to the daycare at the gym while I exercised and one of the childcare workers braided her hair into this precious 'do. Unfortunately, our next stop was to get her hair cut (It looked CrAzY when down) so we didn't get to keep it this way for long. 

Tatum is playing fall soccer with her same team again (plus one new girl). She loves the girls on this team so much! Soccer began halfway through the month so we were at the fields every Saturday! Both boys are playing for the first time this season as well so we are at the fields all morning. Other activities we are doing this month are Math Pentathlon and piano lessons once a week. 

Colt's 2nd Grade pic

Levi's 1st Grade pic

Molly turned 11 this month! We had a small bday party for her where the kids bought her some tennis balls and dog bones. 

Unfortunately this picture is not in focus, but I guess it's the best one we got. It has been several years since we've gotten together with Uncle Mark, Aunt Halley and my cousin Sarah and her family since they live in Florida. They finally came back to Texas to visit, so all the Dillmans who were available drove in from around the state to Waco for a reunion lunch with them. It was a fun, but too short of time with them. I personally am pushing for us all to take a trip to visit them in Florida for the next family vacation! ;)