Saturday, August 16, 2014

Colt is 7!

Happy Birthday to our oldest! This birthday in particular has been the one that most made me feel like time is flying by! I love this sweet boy and cherish the time we have with him. 

Colt is really growing into a big helper. I can put him in charge of Zoe for short periods of time (like 5 minutes… don't freak out, people). He will make snacks for everyone and likes helping in the kitchen, gets Zoe out of her bed when she wakes up, helps his siblings around the house and overall has been really cooperative lately. This is such a blessing to me (and to himself so he doesn't get redirected/disciplined as much!). 

Colt likes to make new Lego creations or things out of blocks/Lincoln logs/pegs. He loves making paper airplanes and forts. Water guns (or guns of any kind) are a big hit as well as remote controlled cars, planes, helicopters, etc. 

Colt is really thoughtful towards others. He usually asks questions that show he has been quietly thinking about something for a while. He likes giving food to the homeless and coming up with solutions (although they are generally unrealistic but totally cool in his 7-year-old brain) to solving world problems or just the problems we share with him of our friends/family.  He really hates injustice in any form, something we will try to nurture in him as he grows. He also loves to tell people about Jesus. Ty thinks he will be a preacher when he grows up :) He gave a Bible to our neighbors b/c they don't go to church and will yell out to total strangers at times, "God loves you!" While he is generally quiet and reserved outside of our home, he has no hesitation in telling people about his faith. What an example to us all! 

This year Colt participated in baseball, learned piano, and is learning swimming strokes. He is learning to read and we can't wait for him to read books independently (we can see this happening in a few short months!). His siblings love to sit on the couch with him and listen to him read his early reader books. 

Colt, you are such a great kid. You bring much joy to your mom and dad. I love that you still come to cuddle in bed with me in the mornings and will hold my hand when we are walking to school/stores/errands. You and Levi and Tatum are great friends (and I hope that friendship with continue to grow to include Zoe, even though she is so much younger than you). It's fun to watch you play with them and care for them and, yes, pester them. You are a smart kiddo and are learning so much each day. I can't wait to see how you grow this next year. 
I love you, Mom

Who are your closest friends? Scout and Garrett, Jonah, Jake, Wesley and Cole, Zoe

What are some talents you have? baseball- hitting the ball, golf - I'm going to start doing golf camp (this is news to his mother and father!) 

What activities do you like to do with your family? going to Chuck E. Cheese and Main Event and Starbucks

What makes you happy? giving Mommy and Daddy hugs (this makes us happy too!)

What makes you sad? when Mommy yells at me (this makes me sad too.) 

Favorite color? all the colors except for gray and white

Food? macaroni and cheese, hotdogs and pizza and cheeseburgers, oranges and mangos, watermelon, cantaloupe. 

Sport? baseball

Book? I don't read books… oh, I know…Doyle and Fossey Science Detectives. 

TV show? Pokemon

Movie? Despicable Me 2

Game on iPad: Batman

Song to sing? Jesus Loves Me

What do you like best about school? Going home b/c I get to go outside and play with my friends. In the classroom I like Rapid Recall and ELF (math).

Day of the week? Sunday and Saturday. Because those are the days Daddy stays home for a long time. 

What did you get for your birthday this year? Science experiment kit from Brady, Wooden tractor kit from Scout and Garrett, Remote controlled flying toys from Grandma and Grandad and Uncle Andrew and Aunt Amy. I liked ALL my gifts :) 

When I grow up I want to be a golf ball player. 

My goal for this year is watching television. (After more prompting)… learn to play chess. 

Something new I want to learn when I am 7 is golf. 

Anything else? No. (This is typical… a boy of few words.)