Sunday, May 17, 2015

The rest of July

I took the kids to Town Lake trail to do something adventurous since we were in a bit of a rut, staying around the house. The boys brought their bikes and I pushed the girls in the double stroller. About 30 seconds into our expedition, Levi fell off his bike into some poison ivy! A really nice guy running by suggested we go to the water fountain to wash his arms off. After some googling, I learned that many people don't break out after their initial poison ivy exposure (fortunately Levi fell into this category), so we were good to go. 

Despite the poison ivy, we continued on our run/bike ride and stopped to feed the duck and turtles. 

Lately, Zoe likes to walk backwards until she backs into something. She is also into sitting in chairs and climbing on things. Zoe is also a hug fan of chips and salsa, no matter how spicy. She will have a red ring all around her mouth from the spiciness and continue to beg for more salsa.

We went on the Duck Tour with Nana and got some awesomely loud duck whistles. The trip was fun, though the kids had trouble seeing over the side of the boat.

One funny thing the kids have been saying for a while is "I forgive up!" when they are giving up or frustrated. It's hilarious.

Hazel and Zoe hanging out at a friend's birthday party.

Zoe is a climber! We had some major plumbing work done and this toilet had to sit in the bathroom for a while. It's perfect to climb into the sink with!

The boys enjoyed helping me make this bike rack out of PVC pipe. It's one of the few Pinterest projects I actually completed this year :) 

Great Grandma Sarah came to visit for a few hours as she and Janet were driving back from visiting family at the beach. She learned how much Tatum was into makeup and dug through her own personal makeup bag (she always gets the sample bags at the department stores and has tons of samples on hand!) and gave Tatum tons of makeup. She was in heaven :) 

Aunt Janet, Grandma and me 

Tatum is super into girly stuff right now - make up, dresses, nail polish, jewelry. I don't think I was ever this girly and am kind of entertained with Tatum right now, but also don't want to create a monster or give her false ideas about beauty, so am trying to tread lightly in this area. :)    

Our master bathroom toilet and bathtub began backing up a few months ago. One plumbing company "fixed" it, but 2 months later the problem returned. Ends up we had corroded pipes underneath 1/2 the house. Plumbers had to dig through the garage floor and excavate all that dirt and rock under the master bathroom and kitchen to replace all of the pipe.  
Then they lined the main pipe through the living room back to the bedrooms and could camera to the back part of the house. Once there, they saw that the pipes in the other 2 bathrooms were also corroded, so they had to dig under the back part of the house and replace the pipes there as well. Major hit to the pocketbook this summer :( 

Colt is such a helper! He has been making rice cakes with almond butter and raisins on top for all of the kids as a snack. He's so proud of himself and we are proud of him too! 

Sweet girl! 15 months... climbed on top of the table

Colt continues to love his BFF Molly

Learning to blow bubbles

Nana is the greatest! 

We give the kids Kindness Coins or Obedience Coins if they go above and beyond in either of these areas. It's like a positive reinforcement idea. Anyway, when the kids collect 10 coins, they get to go on a date with Mom or Dad! Colt chose Chuck E. Cheese this particular day... and most dates nights for that matter. 

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