Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tatum's 4th Birthday

Tatum wanted to have an Elsa Gymnastics party this year, so that is what we did! She had her party at the Star Center where she takes gymnastics each week. I made the cake and ordered an Elsa cake topper screen print that I just laid on top... so easy! 

Tatum and Eliza! 

Zoe loves to hang like a monkey. 

Tatum got to lead all of her friends in an obstacle course, then got to race it all by herself with all of her friends chanting, "Tatum, Tatum, Tatum." She LOVED it!

Everyone watching the instructor explain the trampoline. Her friends included Scout, Jackie, Scottie, and Lyla from church and Kylie, Annie, Wesley, Greta and Henry from school. 

Aunt Alethea, Uncle Emmitt and Axel helping out! 

At the end of the party, the kids got to go to a backlight room where they were marked up with markers that got to glow. 

Happy Birthday to Tatum! 

Who are your favorite friends? Kylie, Skylar, Jackie, Ryla
What is your favorite food? Macaroni and cheese
What sports do you like to play? Soccer and gymnastics
What do you like to do together as a family? Go swimming
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy
What is something you'd like to learn to do this year? Basketball

Tatum Grace,
We love you so crazy much! You are spunky, kind, silly, gentle, and strong. In all of your classes, you are the girl that everyone wants to be like. You are the leader and more mature than so many of your peers. We pray that you will always use those qualities to bring glory to God and to serve Him. You bring joy to our house and we love you to pieces.
Love, Mom

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