Monday, May 18, 2015


We found this new grocery store, Wheatsville Coop, that has little kid shopping carts. Zoe loves coming here now. She does really great pushing the cart around the store, until we get to the cracker aisle. Then she abandons her cart to grab a box of crackers and won't let go of them until we get to the checkout, which leaves me pushing this tiny cart around till then :)

One day Zoe spilt her milk on the floor. She immediately dropped to her hands and knees and started to lick it up!! It was so hilarious. She got mad at Molly for joining her. 

We busted out the potty to begin pre-potty training... just introducing it to her and letting her become curious about it. 

This is the picture of Levi I took for his evite birthday invitation. He's so handsome!

Levi and Colt are both playing basketball this year. We've seen a definite improvement in both of them over the course of the season. It's fun watching them learn new things. Colt is out shooting baskets in the driveway almost every afternoon. He always tries really hard to master something when he knows he can do better. I love that quality about him! 

Tatum is playing soccer for the first time. She hadn't had any practices before her first game (they kept getting rained out), so we dropped by the field in the literally freezing weather so I could briefly explain the game to her. She was so excited to be on the field that she didn't want to leave even though Zoe and Levi promptly gave up and returned to the car. More on her season in next months' post :)

Daddy Daughter Date

Our church hosts an annual Daddy Daughter Date that Ty took Tatum on this year. She apparently didn't want to dance with Ty though, only with her friend London :)

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