Saturday, May 16, 2015

4th of July and Colt's B-day party

Colt decided to have a few friends and their families out to the house in Marble Falls for his birthday party this year. It was such a fun day for us all! 

Innocente, who was living with the Beards for a few months, came along with her precious newborn daughter, Plamedi. She has become a great friend to us all! 

Colt invited his friends Jake and Cole from school. Their sister, Wesley, is Tatum's age... they had a blast! 

Most of the adults in the shade! I think this was right before we discovered that Michael had lost his wedding ring in the lake and we all jumped in to see if we could find it... with no luck :( 

The kids and Nana decorated the golf cart for the 4th of July parade. 

Tatum and Bang Bang

Colt opening presents with Scout, Brady and Jackie. 

Night time glow fun

Zoe loved her first fireworks. She was laughing and laughing! 

The fireworks were SO close to us on the lake shore that we all had to cover our ears. It was a great day at the lake, celebrating our nation's independence and Colt's birthday! 

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