Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beginning of August

We took a trip to Houston to visit Nana and Bang Bang before their big move to Marble Falls later this year. They all took a trip down the street to Nora's house (the Dishman's housekeeper of more than 20 years). The boys are always so sweet to Zoe! 

While in Houston, we had a big birthday bash for the Dillman side August birthdays. 3 cakes!! One for Andrew, one for Emmitt, 

and one for Axel! 

My sweet nephew turned ONE!!

Colt and Levi had a sleepover with their friend Jonah. 

We took an end of summer trip to Abilene. The kids had SO much fun at the arcade. Looks like Abbey had fun too:) 

Zoe loves playing in Grandma's sink. She has a step stool that is the perfect height for her to reach by herself. 

We visited the Abilene Children's Museum. Levi was punching the air cannon at Grandma. 

Zoe driving the ambulance. 

The boys at the interactive theater.

Tatum putting on a show

I can't really remember what was going on here but thought the picture was funny. I think the boys were fighting, so I put them in one of Daddy's large shirts until they could figure out how to work together instead of against each other. Looks like they ended up working it out! 

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