Monday, May 18, 2015


The boys got to dress up like cowboys for Western Day at school. 


Granny Rae sent a fun fireman water hose for Levi's birthday. This will be much loved this summer! 

Ty 's birthday treat for me. He knows me so well. 

Plus, I love Ty's sense of humor and creativity. When we first started dating in college, his 9 year old brother couldn't remember my name or maybe he just thought it was funny, but he would call me "Carrots." 

Zoe hanging out at one of the boys basketball games. 

A little dirt never hurt anyone.

Levi loves the dirt! Here are the kids helping prepare our garden. 

We have spent many hours our here preparing the soil in this bed that has been full of weeds for many years. 

The kids have been so helpful out here (and Ty for tilling the weeds out and pouring all the compost on top). 

Another trip to Wheatsville. This time with all of the kids. Not sure we will do that again anytime soon. Lots of chaos ensued with all 4 having a shopping cart ;) 

We took the kids to the Austin Fair one night. They had a blast on the rides and keep asking to go back. 

Zoe and I on the carousel.

Colt worked all trimester long on his body project. It turned out great and he received the highest mark for it, an E. He learned about each body part represented, wrote a few sentences about each one in his best handwriting, colored the body part and assembled them on the board. Then he got his hair cut and glued it on the body to make it look like him. :)

Levi was excited to see Hazel at Westover one day. We love anytime we can get together with Eliza and Hazel! 

The boys had a recital at their piano teacher's house. I am so proud of their hard work to learn this instrument and hope it benefits them in the long haul. 

I love 




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