Sunday, May 17, 2015


While the big kids are at school, Zoe and I usually hit up the grocery store then come home to PLAY! 

She loves the playscape

and swinging!

I am enjoying 1:1 time I am getting with her each Monday and Wednesday! 

Levi and Lyla at the Kindergarten Blessing at church. 

Tatum's 1st day of Preschool

Her teachers this year are Mrs. Marilyn and Mrs. Kelley. 

Can't wait to get inside! There are a few kids in her class that she knows from last year and a few new kids as well. She is funny because it takes

Part of the boys math curriculum is called ELF Movement. It involves a series of exercises that strengthen various parts of the brain. The girls like to join in the fun as well! 

Hook 'Em Horns! Even though the Longhorns struggled (again) this season, we still enjoyed getting to go to a game. 

It's a wonder Molly isn't double her weight with all the food the kids feed her! 

Tatum pushing Zoe. She is such a helpful and encouraging big sister. 

Aunt Abbey and the ACHS Panthers came to Round Rock to play a football game. We went out to cheer on our favorite cheerleader! 

Zoe hanging out on the playground. Her hair is finally long enough I can get some tiny pigtails in there. 

Colt was doing a science experiment to understand how blubber keeps a whale warm in the arctic waters. 

Zoe accompanied me on lunch duty at Veritas. She enjoyed getting to eat her lunch with her brother! 

Levi LOVES when Zoe visits him at school. She is a big hit with his whole class. 

Aunt Ashley came over to do art projects with the kids one day. We love having her so close to us in Austin while she's in grad school. 

The following message is from Colt. He saw me sitting here typing this blog and wanted to contribute: 
"I am good at school and I am good at running to.  I'm good at baseball."
This took about 5 minutes to type because he doesn't know how to use a keyboard. Guess that's something else to teach him soon :) 

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