Sunday, May 17, 2015

School Projects

November seems to be the time that school projects come due. This year, Levi chose to be a Native American for his Thanksgiving celebration. We made his vest out of a paper bag... he was so proud of it! 

Levi's class of Pilgrims and Indians.

Colt dressed up as Abraham for his Ancient Egypt character. I've had so much fun teaching him about this time period and tying in some of the Bible characters to this time in history. 

Veritas has bought land to build on (they are currently renting a church for classrooms). We went on a land tour on a rainy Saturday morning but it was lots of fun. The land is really beautiful and we are excited to have our kids be able to learn amongst its beauty as they grow up. 
We even got a hayride back to the parking lot after hiking down the length of the property to a picturesque waterfall. 

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