Monday, May 18, 2015


Zoe loves playing in my makeup bag... she just needs to learn how to apply it. 

Tatum's friend, Ryla, spent the night. Both of their first sleepovers. The girls had so much fun! 

They put on makeup, played dress up, dressed up their Build-A-Bears,

Slept in the tent

Talked and talked

Then walked hand in hand the next morning

into Eliza's birthday party!

Happy 4th Birthday to Eliza!! She had a rockin' party at The Thinkery where the kids all made glittery gel play dough. It was so fun!

Colt and Levi played basketball for the first time this season! We played in the Austin city league and they seemed to really enjoy it. 

They were kinda chill this season, just figuring out the game. Levi liked to be a mini-coach and tell the other kids what they should do.

Colt really enjoyed the game and learned quite a bit. He needs a little bit more confidence, but I bet he'll gain that before next season! 

My Grandma Goldie passed away so we went to Tulsa for the funeral. It also ended up being a big family reunion. I hadn't seen many of this side of the family in 20 years! It was so great to catch up, meet their spouses and kids and remember our wonderful Grandma's life. 

Goldie's great grandchildren

Amy fixed Zoe's hair into braids for the first time. It was great to hang out with her and Andrew in Tulsa.

Axel and Zoe were both tuckered out after the funeral. Alethea and I were so glad the Rogers clan could meet our kids. We hate that we've been apart from them for so many years and hope to change that in the future.

Zoe got her first haircut!

She loved it! I am always so thankful for her sunny disposition and some maturity that comes with being a 4th child and always watching her older siblings, then trying to copy them. 

Zoe was a bit unsure about the bow they put in at the end though :) 

All of our pets (minus Molly). Colt got an ant farm for Christmas from Aunt Chez and Uncle Cody. Then we ordered caterpillars for Levi's butterfly tent. We also have a beta fish that the kids have named Baymax (a character from the movie Big Hero 6). 

I ran the 3M half marathon this month. The kids went with me to the Bob Bullock museum to pick up my race packet. They loved the big star out front and wanted to take pictures. 

Zoe has started to be interested in babies. She has been lugging this baby doll with us around town and getting all sorts of oohs and ahhs from the older ladies at the store. I always get an earful of, "Enjoy this age while it lasts. She'll be grown before you know it!" I'm trying to cherish all the moments... thus catching up on the blog to write some of it down. 

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