Monday, May 18, 2015

November in a Nutshell

First up... Zoe broke her leg! At 18 months old, she was sliding down a wet slide (the boys put a water hose down the slide to make it faster). She landed in a kiddie swimming pool at the bottom a little bit hard and received a hairline fracture in her left leg. 

She received 3 weeks in a hard purple cast with a prescription of needing to sit still. Well, if you know Zoe, you know how pretty much impossible that is. We made it through, but didn't really stick to the sitting still part of things... but the follow up x-ray looked good so I think she did great. 

 Zoe was tuckered out after getting her cast on.

Tatum wanted to cut her hair short! She has a few friends at preschool who have short hair and after asking for a few weeks, we gave in and got her hair chopped off. 

She looks so grown up with her new short haircut. It's way less tangly, but I don't think she realized we wouldn't be able to do Elsa hair and was a bit disappointed for a few days.

Flinstones ride outside Randalls. We really know how to pack them on there :) 

Little hop along. Notice Cinderella's heel on her good foot... not slowing her down at all. 

Nope, not one bit. 

Bow head

Sweet cousins!

Notice they each have a remote. Toddlers love pushing buttons... but I won't say whose which ones ;) 

The church who is letting us meet there on Sunday evenings for the South Church service wanted to do a joint Fall Festival with us. The petting zoo was the biggest hit with our kids. 

I mean, what could be better than chicken on your head? 

Scout and Colt loved picking up the animals!

Colt lost BOTH of his front teeth!! We've been teaching him the song, "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth."

Tatum has taken an interest in learning to write her letters so Colt has been helping her learn and has been drawing the dots for each letter so she can connect them on the dry erase board. 

The boys have been taking golf lessons for 90 minutes once a week. Which leaves 90 minutes for the girls and I to kill. We've been going on a jog for about 45 minutes, then to this great little park by this picturesque pond for them to play for the last 45 min. 

Zoe loves riding in the double stroller (plus, it keeps her still for a little while!). 

We took a couple of shots at the lake when in Marble Falls for Thanksgiving. It is beautiful out there! 

One of our favorite things to do each winter is head to the lights show at Mozart's Coffee. 

We also caught the OU-UT football game with Dusty and his girlfriend, Lauren, this year. Too bad the Longhorns didn't show up to play. At least Lauren and Dusty had lots to cheer for! 

I love hanging out with this guy! 

My awesome sister-in-law, Chez, has been selling Noonday jewelry for about a year now. Noonday Collection is a company started in Austin that sells Fair Trade jewelry. They have artisans all over the world who make a living wage by making and selling jewelry to a large market of jewelry buyers in the US. Chez was having a contest this particular day to take a selfie in Noonday jewelry and post it on FB. Anyway, I don't often share pictures of just myself, but I kinda liked this one, and mostly wanted to make sure I posted about how proud I am of the work Chez does with Noonday to transform the lives of numerous artisans all over the world. Their jewelry is beautiful so if you want to take a look check out Noonday Collection!

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