Monday, April 21, 2014

Epcot and Levi's birthday

We went to Epcot on Levi's 5th Birthday! This pic is from his favorite ride…Spaceship Earth (inside the big golf ball). We rode it twice since he loved it so much. And, well, we love him so much so wanted to make his birthday happy. 
This golf ball :) 

These pics are from Test Track. The boys had a love/hate relationship with this ride, but decided to go twice. They wanted me to take pictures of every car/gadget on display :) 

Here is a picture of one of the cars we rode on. These cars go 65mph and are so fun! 

Before you get on the car, you get a chance to design your own. This is the one the boys and I designed. I must say, our car did come in first place whereas the one they created with Ty came in 2nd :) 

Levi chose to eat at Teppan Edo for his birthday dinner. It is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook at the table in front of you! Nice choice,  Levi! 

Our chef made an onion train… choo choo. 

While the kids thought this was neat, both Ty and I were not very impressed. We expected big stuff from Disney, but our chef wasn't very entertaining. We have seen much better chefs in Abilene, so that was a little disappointing, but at least the kids didn't know any better! 

Happy 5th to Chef Levi! 

Tatum and Levi really liked posing with the amazing character shrubs. Here's Lady and the Tramp.

Phenias and Ferb

Levi finished his birthday being eaten by a shark! It was a short but happy life. ;-) 

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