Saturday, April 12, 2014


Bright eyes! 

Always in a pleasant mood

One of the things we have been loving about our new house is the playscape in the backyard. Since the weather was finally warm this month, Zoe came out here for her first time. 

She loved playing in the gravel.

New texture for her chubby little fingers and toes

And of course some had to go in her mouth

Levi loves Zoe SOO much. 

And he likes to help her when she's getting into trouble...

but I'm not sure she really wants his help.

Love this kid. He's an old soul.

Lots of hours of fun have been had out here.

The "pirate ship" is Tatum's favorite feature. She and the neighbor girl play on it often. 

The neighbor girl also has lots of makeup that she brings over from time to time. The boys had fun decorating Tatum's face. I think a make-up lesson is in order ;)

Tatum has been into heels lately. It's funny how stereotypically girly she is lately.

The Fab 4 all together. I think Zoe was hungry and had no interest in mama taking her picture.

I found this fun trampoline at a garage sale. I can see Z having much fun with this in the years to come. 

I love this pic. Zoe is her happy self, Levi and Tatum in typical costume and Colt is pensive (and a bit annoyed to have to stop playing to take a picture). 

Colt's get up on Cowboy Day at school.

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