Friday, April 11, 2014


And.. we are moving on… Can you believe how much I've blogged over the last week?! Not super high quality blog posts, but maybe I'll catch up soon :) 
Colt has been learning to read this school year and Levi loves sitting and listening to him. This is one the perks of homeschooling - watching these brothers bond and learn together. 

We took Zoe to a tailgate and game this year. She's a cutie in her burnt orange! 

I love this picture b/c Z is tucked in the baby carrier/wrap. I am trying to savor these special baby moments since she's our last! 

Daddy's girl

Hook Em! 

Z is a great eater! She has liked everything we've served so far (except bananas). 

Can't remember what this food was, but despite this face, she kept on eating! 

She learned how to pull up to stand! 

Cutie patootie

We spent some time with Chez and Cody one day and all I got away with was one pic of the babies in their carriers at Kerbey Lane. Got a pair of cuties here! 

Not a great pic… but this was Zoe's ride at Lowe's one day. She had a great time giggling the whole way. 

The older kids still love having a baby sister. While she doesn't want them to hold her quite as much, they still find ways to "help" her. 

or torture her :) 

I can't remember why I only had the 2 girls this day, but we went to Town Lake for a jog. They really love coming here and so do I. Unfortunately with our move further south, we don't get down here as often. Plus, I don't have a quadruple stroller. Though in real life time… Levi learned how to ride his bike last week (!!) so now maybe we can go and the boys can ride their bikes. 

Love this picture of Molly and big Z standing up. I wonder what kind of adventures she's imagining she'll have out there…

The kids love dancing to this 10 second clip from the show Word Girl. It's hilarious to watch and had to be captured. 

Love this boy! He loves his spiky hair :) 

We went to Marble Falls for Thanksgiving like we always do and had a great time with the Dishman side of the family. Then, the Saturday after T-giving, we went downtown to the Chuy's Christmas Parade. The kids always have a great time and this year we got to cheer on the Drum Corp from school which was fun for Colt. 

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