Saturday, April 5, 2014

September… still playing catch up!

Tatum and her friend Jackie in the jeep. A preview of them hanging out when they are 16? :) 

We have some fun light that comes through our new back door, so I had some fun taking some picturs of Tatum on the couch. 

Sweet, sweet girl. 

I love her so much! 

Big brown eyes

Tatum is a silly, polite, lovable, cuddly, beautiful almost 3-year-old! 

Our new house has a wet weather creek in the back yard. The boys have been out there non stop with all the recent rain. Lots of adventures to be had here! 

We went to Houston to see my brother and sister and their families. Ty hanging out with our adorable nephew, Axel. 

Aunt Amy with the girls. 

I googled "kid friendly" restaurants and J's Rub popped up. The menu looked delicious so we made a reservation. Well, turns out it was a really nice restaurant and a bit pricier than I would've picked for our group, but we had fun anyways! 

The boys love playing on Uncle Andrew's phone. 

Aunt Amy is tons of fun! 

Zoe and me at church one day. 

Tatum sporting one of Levi's hats. She looks like that guy from Duck Commander. But way cuter :) 

Zoe is 5 months and close to crawling. 

Ty and I sporting our burnt orange. We love Texas football! Can't wait for the kids to be able to sit through a game so we can take them with us. 

Our friend Ryan showed us around Texas Disposal System's game ranch. It was really neat, though Tatum hung back as she was a bit unsure. 

The kids got to feed the giraffes. 

Ty tried to feed the giraffe's too. 

Levi had a weird illness (toxic synovitis which I think is a catch-all diagnosis that means the MD didn't know what was wrong). He complained of a hurting hip and was limping everywhere. He had 2 rounds of this that lasted 2 or 3 days. On the 2nd round, we took him in for X-rays and he had some blood drawn as well. I didn't prep him for the blood draw (above) and he really disliked it (started crying during the last 2 or 3 seconds), but I maintain that it was best not to make him fear it for minutes before :) He was brave but insists he is not getting his blood drawn ever again! Anyway, no positive results came back for Levi and he hasn't had this since September, so hopefully he is okay! 

Tatum got painted by Colt. She loves drawing and painting all over herself right now :-/

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