Monday, April 7, 2014


This Halloween we had some great looking characters! 

Zoe was as yummy as pumpkin pie. 

Iron Man had a special affinity for the pumpkin too. 

Princess Tatum is full of smiles.

Ninja Colt with his preferred choice of shoes: mismatched Crocs. 

Such sweet faces!!

These kids are the best.

Gotta show the costume with the mask on. One difference between the boys is that Levi loves to dress up and will wear multiple costumes over and over again. Colt very rarely dresses up. I'm pretty sure he only put this costume on one time after Halloween and never with the mask on. He's never been one for face paint or masks. At least his costumes will last long enough for Levi to wear when he grows into them :) 

Iron Man stole my heart.

The best full onesie shot of Zoe's costume. Gotta hate being a 4th child :)

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