Sunday, April 6, 2014

The rest of October

We had a fun family visit in October. My dad and Jennifer came and so did my sister and nephew. The kids loved holding Axel as much as they could. 

Grandma with 4 of her grandkids. 

Axel gazing at his mama. 

Sweet boy! 

It dawned on me that I don't have many pictures on the blog of our time with Ty's side of the family. I guess because Nana takes all the pictures of those gatherings. I will try to get some to post on here soon! 

Zoe is almost 6 months. 

Rocking the flowery headband.

She's getting stronger!

Colt and I had a fun trip to Costco on a day off from school. It was fun to hang out with just him and Zoe for a while. 

Sweet sisters

Tatum still loves holding her baby sister whenever possible! 

Here are a few 6 month snapshots of Z

Always smiling

Scooting around

Pleasant demeanor! Super laid back! 

Shoestring eater

Aunt Ashley came over one day to get some assistance on an art project from our artists-in-residence.

We love having her in town so we can see her more often! 

October also brought Zoe's first experience with food. She was eager to eat and loved it! 

Her first food was chicken broth, followed by egg yolk with shredded beef liver. She better be one healthy kiddo with a broad palate. Future foodie in the making. 

On Halloween, I put these little creatures in the boy's lunch boxes. Made from apricots, dates, prunes, dried banana slices, sunflower seeds and chow mien noodles. I might try to continue to do this… they were fun to make! 

We have been working for the past 1.5 years to start a church plant in South Austin. We began by having a Wednesday night devo at a local one-room community center. The kids would play outside for the majority of the time while the adults were inside. One night, the boys got soaked in a downpour and were having a blast running around with their shirts off. We love these kids! 

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