Friday, April 11, 2014


The kids got to open one present each on Xmas eve. I was SO excited for Colt to open this particular gift - an ant-eating vacuum. Colt loves ants so should have tons of fun with this gift. 

Aunt Ashley helped Tatum assemble her new paint set.

Axel is one of the best gifts to this family! 

Aunt Alethea and Axel

Love this one :-0

We had a great Christmas at our house with the Dillman side of the family. We (Dad, Jennifer, Abbey and the 6 of us) went to a Christmas Eve service at Austin Stone (Aunt Ashley's church), then continued our tradition of serving breakfast to a group of homeless folks early on Christmas morning. Aunt Debbie and family, Alethea and Emmitt and Andrew and Amy and Aunt Sharon all joined us later Christmas day for a delicious Christmas dinner. After we hung out for a couple of days, my parents took the older 3 kids to Houston for a few days to see Andrew and Amy's new house, which was the best Christmas present for me and Ty :) 

The next weekend we had Dishman Christmas. Nana had worked so hard to make pocket quilts for the kids. Here they are opening them while she shows them the goodies in the pockets. 

Aunt Chez, Eliza and Hazel peeking in the pockets.

The kids with their new quilts. It was a labor of love from Nana. Thanks! 

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