Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hollywood Studios

We took a family vacation to Disney World at the end of February. IT WAS AWESOME :)  We told the kids about our trip by "delivering" 3 boxes, one addressed to each kid, with a Disney balloon inside. They opened them, then pretty easily guessed where we were going. A few weeks later, we were off! 
Tatum was super excited to be on an airplane.

Can't wait to finally arrive. On the bus from the airport to the hotel.

Our first day we woke up early to head to Hollywood Studios. It was a bit chilly, so the boys hunkered down in the stroller.

We ran into Donald and Daisy while we were waiting for the park to open!

Our first and favorite ride of the day was the Toy Story ride. Colt had SO much fun shooting his gun at the targets.

Tatum and I dominated!

Posing with the aliens while we waited to meet...

Buzz and Woody! 

Then we headed to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Zoe loved having a space to get down and crawl around. So did Ty :) 

Tatum sliding down a leaf.

Riding on Antie. We made sure to watch this movie with the kids before our trip so they could more fully appreciate this playground.

We ate a Character Breakfast to kick off our trip. The kids loved getting to see Handy Manny...

Doc McStuffins (I'm hoping Colt's new "smile for the camera" face changes soon)…

Sofia the First and Handy Manny (not pictured). 

Then we headed back to the Toy Story ride. I'm telling you this was our favorite! Levi wanted me to take his picture here b/c there were Tinker Toys on the ceiling and he likes playing with these at preschool. 

Our awesome scores :) 

Love this boy! 

We headed to meet some more characters. When we planned our trip, I let each kid pick one character that we would put it in our schedule to meet. Levi picked Mr. Incredible. He and Frozone were SO big! 

We also saw Mickey and Minnie (I took a video of Tatum meeting Minnie but don't want to upload it now). Tatum was funny meeting the characters today. We went to a building that had several characters available to meet. We walked by this ornately decorated staging area where Wreck It Ralph and Vanelope were standing. Tatum couldn't remember Vanelope's name, so stated loudly, "Hey, you! Hey, YOU!" Vanelope actually heard and waived to us as we walked by. After this, Tatum started saying to all the character's loudly, "Hey, you!" Everyone around us thought it was super cute (which it was). Tatum is a ham and loves the attention.  

Intently watching the Nemo show. It really was one of our favorites of the week. Each actor had a giant character  puppet (Nemo, Dory, etc.) that they would operate facial features with some special mechanism. It was really entertaining to watch the live actors facial expressions/mouths match up with that of their puppet. 

We really liked most of the shows. The music and entertainment was great, plus it gave us a chance to sit down and usually this was the main time Zoe could nurse and take a nap.

Zoe during the show. Zzzz

That night we stayed to watch the Fantasmic show. Colt got a light up sword and was preparing to fend off the bad guys while Levi was hiding behind Mommy. 

An out of focus picture… but it was fun to see this boat with all the characters float by. 

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