Saturday, May 31, 2014

post Disney March

After Disney, the rest of March took a slower pace. We didn't do a whole lot over Spring Break - we actually did some homeschool to make up for the week of school we missed while on vacation. 

Ty and I (and several others) have been working for almost 2 years to begin a new church in South Austin. Our church of 6 years (Westover Hills in NW Austin) had a vision for a multi-site church and we hopped on board to help bring that to our part of town. After LOTS of research, church visiting, prayer, conversations, meetings, and more prayer, we finally had our first service on March 23rd!! 99 people were in attendance the first Sunday. We loved this because it fit perfectly with our church's theme last year that the Shepherd left the 99 to bring in the 1 lost sheep. There is room for that one! :) 

Tatum and one of her favorite friends, Ryla, on South Church's first Sunday. If you are interested in learning more about South Church, click here

Nana and her grandchildren at Hazel's First birthday! 

In March, Colt lost his second tooth!! 

He was kind of dreading it… but then loved it! :) 

We had a family birthday party… not sure why I didn't get pics of any actual people? Our friend Ryan works for Kellogg's and his wife gave us this huge rice krispy sheet. Add a bit of frosting and you have an easy and delicious birthday cake! 

Zoe discovered this school bus. She LOVES to be pushed around on it! 

Colt had a jog-a-thon at school. He had a side-stitch in this picture, but after a few laps it went away and he began running. This was a fun event for the whole family. 

Zoe is so cute! 

This is Zoe's favorite drawer. She pulls the cups out of here about 20x a day. 

Granny Rae came to visit! 

Tatum wanted to play baby - ha! 

The boys played t-ball for the Dodgers in the Oak Hill league for the first time this year. They had a total of 3 games/practices a week, so that took up a lot of our time this month. They both had fun and improved quite a bit! 

Levi was begging me to inflate our swimming pool, but I couldn't find it. So, he became resourceful and made his own pool out of this plastic storage bin! 

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