Friday, May 30, 2014

Braves game day!

After 2 action packed days at Disney, we planned an "off" day. The main reason we took this trip in the first place is that Ty won a day at Disney, some food gift cards and Spring Training tickets to an Atlanta Braves game. So we spent Sunday resting (got to sleep in after a late night), hung out around our hotel, went to the game, came back to swim, then headed to a character dinner at Chef Mickeys. A fun and relaxing day is just what we needed! 
Here are the kids in front of our hotel in the morning. We stayed at the Art of Animation resort. The resort is divided up into 4 different sections: Little Mermaid, Lion King, Nemo and Cars. We obviously stayed in the Cars Suite (I think it was the only one big enough to sleep all 6 of us). 

We loved the attention to detail that made us feel like we were on the movie set! 

Filemore's - my favorite character… the hippy van :)

How cool is this one? 

I loved the cone cabanas at the pool. 

And of course, Mater! 

Lion King building

Well, hello there. 

Ariel gracing the front of her building.

What Disney resort is complete without the evil Ursula?

Ty and the boys walking through Nemo's section of the resort on the way to the… 

ballgame! We watched the Braves vs. the Tigers. Don't know who won though. We only stayed 2 innings - the kids were hot and whining and just wanted to go swimming. So we headed back to our hotel, where a dip in the pool was just what we all needed! 

We had great seats for our 2 innings though! 

We didn't bring hats to the game, so Ty bought us some. Ty and I got Dodgers hats to support our boys on their t-ball team this year. Levi chose an Oriels hat b/c he liked the cartoon bird on the front and the color orange. 

Somehow Ty talked Colt into an Astros hat. He hasn't worn his since. Smart kid ;) 

Zoe remembered to bring her hat. Good thing too… she is such a cutie! 

That evening we went to Chef Mickey's restaurant for another character dinner. The kids loved seeing all their favorite characters come by our table and give autographs. 

Zoe was NOT happy to see Pluto! She started crying! She loved the other characters though. 

Tatum ate this stuff up. She loved giving hugs to all the girl characters :) 

A few seconds before this picture was taken, Zoe threw up. I was fortunate that she missed me and threw up all on the floor behind me (I was holding her). Ty didn't fare so well when she spewed all over him the night before and about 3 minutes after this photo when round 2 came up. We don't know if she had some really random virus (she felt fine every day except for 5 minutes pre and post vomit) or if she just had too much sun and too little sleep. Anyway, the kids were all posed for this picture when the big event occurred. I just remember looking at Mickey and he shrugged with his hands out to the side, kind of like, "What do you want me to do about it?" Pretty funny. 

Here are all of our Magic Bands. These things were awesome. They were our park tickets, hotel room keys, credit cards (for me and Ty), had all our reservation on them, etc. So convenient and FUN. Levi still wears his at home from time to time :) 

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