Friday, May 30, 2014

Magic Kingdom

We got to the park early to watch the opening show. It was a fun way to enter this fun park - lots of singing and dancing. 

Even Zoe got in the mood!

Then the big steam train came through with Mickey and the Gang! 

The kids were so excited. 

Tatum and Levi were dancing around before the show- he with his Prince Charming shirt on and she with her Cinderella dress. It was pretty cute! 

Our first stop of the day was to met the Princesses. This was BIG time in Tatum's book. 3 months later and she is STILL talking about this :)

Sleeping Beauty was a great princess - very interactive with the kids.

All the kids got Pixie Dust in there hair afterwards, even the boys :) 

We had to go back and get in another line to meet Rapunzel...

and Snow White. 

The boys didn't have any interest in meeting more princesses so they rode Prince Charming's carousel instead. (Looks like Ty is checking his phone or maybe even asleep - it was an exciting ride!)

The girls on The Little Mermaid ride. Tatum liked the very tame rides and Zoe didn't care how wild the rides were… she loved them all, especially the ones with music! 

Colt chose to meet Peter Pan. As a bonus, Wendy was there as well! 

Yummy snacks! 

At Enchanted Tales with Belle, each of the kids got to play a role in the story. Levi was Belle's father behind the jail bars. 

Belle told her father she would take his place… and thus became the captive of the Beast. 

Apparently she touched Levi while she was talking to him, so he ran up and said, "Mom, she TOUCHED me!" Oh boy….

Colt was the talking carpet and Tatum was some silverware. 

The princess meeting her royal subjects in front of her castle. 

May the Force Be With You

The next day we started off with Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Best game of the vacation!

We all loved the Tomorrow Land speedway...

…even Zoe who got to watch from her stroller. 

One memorable moment was when Aladdin and Jasmine walked into our Magic Carpet ride and rode in the carpet behind us! 

Tatum was super scared on this ride (apparently it didn't fall into her tame category), 

but she eventually calmed down to check out Princess Jasmine behind us.

The kids were all introduced to Captain Jack Sparrow at this street skit. 

Colt was sweet to share his ice cream with Zoe. This is one of her first sugar experiences. Yum! 

One of our last stops was The Incredibles Dance Party. Levi loved chasing Mr. and Mrs. Incredible around trying to dance with them :) 

We stopped to meet Merida on our way out...

and Tatum got to shoot her bow and arrow for a bullseye! 

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